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Math Helper - Algebra Calculus

About Math Helper - Algebra Calculus

‘MathHelper’ is the perfect ‘at your fingertips’ reference tool for those who are studying/practising maths at a higher level. The app covers eight main topics including: Linear Algebra, Vector Algebra, derivative and probability theory. This app will provide you with all the theory you need to revise difficult topics and help assist solving those tricky equations. 

Teacher Review

From the moment the app launches it is clear that a lot of time has been spent on the graphical styling; textured backgrounds metaphorically represent a classroom-learning environment and drop down menus have been subtly emphasised with embossing style effects. Contextual information has been provided for the user on a plain white background making it as easy as possible to digest the advance knowledge the app is providing.

The user experience of this app has to be commended due to the complex nature of the subject matter, however having the explanation on how to fill out the equations prior to the presentation of the problem would improve the experience. Once the variables of an equation have been set, the app then solves the equation automatically, and the methodology and answer is then displayed. Stronger indication could be placed upon when a long equation spans two screens, however, apart from that, the format of the methodology is presented in a logical break down of steps. Once the user has entered into a subject area and the user has then selected for example, “Theory”, “How to fill out”, “Theory”, “How to fill out”, the user would then have to close each page selection individually in order to return to the main menu often resulting the app itself being inadvertently closed. 

‘MathHelper’ cleverly includes a calculator function ready for the user to test their newly learnt knowledge. The application does not include a search function however we did not feel this was strictly necessary due to the excellent categorisation on the home page. In terms on content ‘MathHelper’ offers 8 main topics, within which there multiple relative subcategories offering the user all the content surround 8 main topics they could desire. We particularly liked the function plot graph, the ability to zoom and scroll using hand controls while the x and y axis panned to track the motion resulted in a very user friendly experience. Visually we found the graph very functional to read information from due to the ability to the ability to plot the desired co-ordinates.

The purchased application we tested had no in app advertising, this is of great advantage when the app is being used for revision purpose as it limits distraction and enables the user to fully focus their attention to the task in hand. The app does include a link to their Facebook page however this action is not forced upon.

Priced at just £1.95 you’re getting a lot of functionality out of this app however what sets it apart from the other apps out there, and thus justifying our 5 star EAS rating, is a truly unique interface which is visually engaging yet does not distract from the complexity of the subject matter.

‘MathHelper’ is a tool we recommend for both students and teachers and receives the EAS recommended status.

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  • Math Helper - Algebra CalculusMath Helper - Algebra CalculusMath Helper - Algebra CalculusMath Helper - Algebra CalculusMath Helper - Algebra Calculus


Math Helper is the best, biggest and easiest application on the market for students; it solves mathematical problems and shows step by step solutions.

Some of its content includes:

[✔] Linear Algebra - Solving systems of linear equation (from 2 to 10 equation at a time)
[✔] Vector Algebra - Geometry Shapes (geometry – triangles, pyramids, planes)
[✔] Calculus - Derivatives (derivatives of the function, of a function defined parametrically, of an implicit one)
[✔] The theory of probability (probability theory, mathematical statistics)
[✔] Calculus - The number and sequence (prime factorization, lcm, complex numbers, arithmetic and geometric progressions and numbers, Diophantine equation, Euler function)
[✔] Function plotter (interactive graph plotter)
[✔] Also contains great scientific calculator and theoretical reference textbook.

Math Helper is a universal assistant app for step by step solving mathematical problems for Algebra 1-2, Calculus (limits, equation, shapes, number etc) for secondary school children primarily focusing towards their GCSE’s.

It allows you not only to see the answer or result of a task, but also a detailed step by step solution. 
Also great feature is built-in scientific calculator and reference textbook – much easier to learn.

Features and Achievements
✧ 10 topics and 60+ sub-section.
✧ Localization for Russian, English, Italian, French, German and Portuguese
✧ Intel ® Learn Series Alliance quality mark
✧ EAS ® approved
✧ More than 10'000 customers all over the world supported development of Math Helper by doing purchase

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