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About Math Formulas Free

Maths Formulas app has a staggering amount of information – If you’re studying maths at high school or University, and want reference guide for formulas, this is definitely the app for you.

Math Formulas Free Review

Essentially this is a definitive guide to any students aged 13-18 studying maths. There is a paid and free version of the app, the difference being that the free version bombards you with adverts at the bottom of the screen, although you do learn to ignore them after a while, and to be fair they do allow this app to be free with an incredible amount of content.

The app is broken down by the different subjects that you would find in any standard curriculum. In the UK this app would be suitable for students studying GCSE’s or A-Levels, and even some university students who wanted to brush up on the basics. University students studying maths related courses around business or finance will also find a lot of useful content in this app, especially matrices and statistics. For maths up to university level this app contains every formula you would need to know, for every curriculum that I’m aware of.

This app is strictly a reference tool that needs to be used in conjunction with a text book and teaching.  Although with each topic such as Geometry, Trigonometry and calculus, it starts off with the basics and works up to harder concepts, there is no way a newcomer to maths would be able to use this app to learn without using another source of information to better explain the concepts behind the formulas. For instance, the app gives you all the statistics formulas for populations and samples, but at no point explains the difference between a population and a sample.

I would have found this app really useful while studying . I used to write ‘master lists’ with all the formulas to help me revise, and it was always a pain if I lost them and had to write it all out again. This app has everything you need already there on your mobile device. The app is well segmented and intuitive. The only shame is that there is not more text information explaining the concepts. This app has the potential to be the one of the best math apps for teachers and students across all national High School Curriculum, but for that it would need much more background information on what you’re learning, as well as testing features.

We’ve given this app 4 stars, as it’s so comprehensive, but we would like to see more interactivity and self-learning capabilities. However, if a reference for formulas is what you’re after, this app is perfect.

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