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Math Fluency with Sports

Cool math game based on sports

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  • age 7+
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About Math Fluency with Sports

'Math Fluency with Sports' for multiplication and division, is an application designed specifically to practice the skills of multiplication and division within the context of several sporting activities. Designed for ages seven plus, the stages and levels of the game ensure that the user journeys through a comprehensive base of understanding. The leader board help to motivate the more competitive learner. This programme is available for both Apple and Android devices, currently on sale for $4.99.

Teacher Review

Is the Math Fluency with Sports app easy to use?

Math Fluency with Sports is easy to get started, downloading the application is straightforward and only takes up a small (63mb) space on the drive. The game can be played without wifi and the leaderboards are saved locally when there is no connection. When entering the game the user has a display that offers ten different sporting activities as a context to start the game. When entering each sporting activity the user has four stages of difficulty as a means to aspire for the best possible score. The individual questions are presented and the calculator on the side of the screen accepts the user input for an answer. If the answer is incorrect the number wobbles and clears. At the end of each stage the user is awarded a star grade and depending on accuracy and speed they will be displayed on the leaderboard.

What we loved about the Math Fluency with Sports app

We loved Math Fluency with Sports for multiplication and division, because it is a game to help children understand the key concepts of maths; multiplication and divisions. What ensures the games appeal is the connection with a wide variety of sports ranging from basketball to hiking. This idea of a connection to a particular sport establishes a real world meaning for math, so often missed in a rather dull textbook. The connection to so many sporting activities provides a wider opportunity of choice to engage the young learners. Mastery of the game will also secure a basic knowledge of ten sporting activities. The sense of urgency is engendered by both the background music and the need to complete each question correctly and at speed to go up a stage and appear on the leaderboard. The graphics of the application are basic but in keeping with focussing on the main task of answering multiplication and division questions.

What Math Fluency with Sports app could improve on

Great apps have great user interfaces, the bells and whistles of an application can help with its stickability and longer term engagement. For example some basic enhancements would probably help, when the user enters a number the keyboard could produce a musical note like a phone. The correct and incorrect answer could be denoted with appropriate sound bytes. Nothing really moves on the screen and everything is fairly static, just a few basic cartoon animations of people in sport scoring goals or sinking a basket might help. The gaming industry invests heavily in mood music and not for good reason, perhaps a little more aspirational mood music could be added or experimented here.

The hardest job that any developer has is the production of a game that has real stickability especially when teaching important and difficult maths concepts. Maths Fluency with Sports has started on that difficult road with a fair degree of success but will need to constantly revisit the app to tweak and improve to have long term sustainability.

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  • Math Fluency with SportsMath Fluency with SportsMath Fluency with SportsMath Fluency with SportsMath Fluency with SportsMath Fluency with SportsMath Fluency with Sports


Master fluency in addition and subtraction skills by playing 11 different games.

Math Fluency 5+ - These games increase your addition and subtraction skills.

Math Fluency with Sports – Addition and Subtraction Edition provides realistic sports scores and asks you to determine the total and difference in scores or to add or subtract different sport times.

The games are extremely engaging and fun, allowing children and adults to play and compete with each other. Stage 1 of each sport is suitable for most players while the final stages will challenge anyone to use their mental strategies to finish.

The first 2 levels are free, and the remaining 8 levels can be unlocked for $2.99.

* Addition
* Subtraction

Suitable from age five and up, DMTI Fact Fluency with sports – Addition and Subtraction Edition 5+ gives learners the opportunity to become more fluent with adding and subtracting.

DMTI uses realistic sport scores and times to engage players in practicing their facts. Players can try the stages over and over to get a better time as they learn different ways to improve.

Each sport provides a different challenge. Soccer, hockey and baseball provide smaller numbers while football, basketball, bowling and darts provide double and triple-digit numbers. Golf uses single and double-digit integers. Finally, running, swimming, and drag racing allow the user to practice facts with decimals.

Children and adults love to play this app.

The wide variety of games give players ages 5 and above a chance to find the games that build the skills they want to improve.

Do you need to practice basic addition facts?

Would you like to be more fluent with adding two-digit numbers in your head?

Do decimal subtraction problems cause you to reach for a calculator instead of using mental math?

If so, then the DMTI Fluency with Sports - Addition and Subtraction Edition will be just what you are looking for.

DMTI Fact Fluency with Sports was developed by a professor of mathematics education and a team of math educators. It is built to help people become more fluent with numbers. Schools use it to help their students spend more time practicing facts and building number sense.

* 11 sports
* 4 or more stages per sport
* Solving addition and subtraction whole numbers, integers and decimals problems

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