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About Math Facts Mahjong Game

Math Facts Mahjong brings together the game of Mahjong Solitaire and maths practice. Together, these components form a surprisingly fun and effective way to develop arithmetic skills.

Math Facts Mahjong Game Review

If you have any experience of traditional Mahjong, the four-player game with a complex ruleset, rest assured that this app will not require your child to learn how to play before they can begin practising maths. Math Facts Mahjong is based on a game that was introduced on computers and just uses the Mahjong tileset. This is sometimes known as Mahjong Solitaire and it has simple rules that can be explained, as they are in the app, in just a few words.

In the purely entertainment-based varieties of this game, the player is required to match like symbols.  As in places the tiles are stacked, only ones not underneath another can be selected. The only other limitation is that the selected tiles must have either their left or right clear of another tile. Within these limitations, players have to match tiles to remove them - hopefully progressing to clear the board.

Math Facts Mahjong, takes this game, removes the symbols and replaces them with digits.  Now players must follow the same rules but instead of matching symbols they must match equations and numbers.  

Essentially, the app's challenge is one of answering maths questions but doing so within this game structure has advantages over  straightforward multiple-choice quizzes or worksheets:

It is more interesting. The removal of tiles and seeing the screen gradually empty is quite soothing and gives a clear target.

By the very nature of the game, there are far more options open than in traditional multiple-choice quizzes which increases the challenge.

The game itself has an element of strategy. At times, there will be multiple tiles with the needed value.  It is worth considering what will be exposed by each tile's removal as the player could become blocked from progress if a certain number or equation is not already revealed.

There are a wealth of different options to practise maths. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions are options and the number values upon which they are based can be selected as well.  

Players practise scanning across a large number of tiles looking for the one with the number that they need.

Encasing the practising of maths within this game has far more benefits than might be originally expected and it is certainly more fun than many maths games where the maths is shoehorned into an unrelated mechanic. The play experience is easy to learn and instinctive to follow.  The graphics are clear and easy to read.

Math Facts Mahjong is a game that children will happily play. As in all tile-matching games, there is something compelling about revealing more tiles and clearing the screen of them. On a classroom device, it will be a popular activity and will require no set up by the teachers as each play is a standalone experience. It is also recommended for home devices as it provides excellent maths practice in a way that will entertain children. There is no pressure of time limits so parents could easily sit and play it with their child, modelling their working out as they go.

Math Facts Mahjong is a well-executed app that combines arithmetic and Mahjong Solitaire into an effective learning package.

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