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Math Fact Challenger

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About Math Fact Challenger

A number based app that allows children to practice calculations using the four operations, under times conditions and with a variety of levels on offer.  The app is suitable for a range of audiences, from complete beginners to those more confident performing number calculations.  Correct answers are encouraged throughout, ensuring children learn and continue to improve their mental mathematical skills.

Teacher Review

A simplistic number based app, designed to secure competency in the four operations and suitable for a range of audiences, from complete beginners to those more confident calculating with numbers.
Upon opening the app, students are presented with the homepage which offers three main options: “instructions”, “about” and “OK”.  Selecting “OK”, takes users to the main area, where they can select their desired type of question and level.  They must first select one of the four operations: addition; subtraction; multiplication and division.  Next users must choose their preferred level from: 0 to 5; 6 to 10; 11 to 20; 21 to 50 and 50 to 100.  Although selecting numbers between 1 and 100 is effective for addition and subtraction, it is not appropriate for multiplication and division questions - children do not need to be able to calculate 47x32 mentally.  Instead, the developers might consider rearranging these selections to make them more appropriate, for example, focusing on the 1-12 times tables, then perhaps, multiples of 10s and 25s.  In the meantime, users might be advised to only select times tables up to 10 when practicing multiplication and divisions questions.  The penultimate part of this section allows to users to specify the duration for each game, between 1 and 15 minutes. And finally, users have the option to play a desired level or allow the app to automatically level-up users as they demonstrate they have mastered each skill.  Once the game settings are applied, the challenge begins and students are presented with a series of questions.  A correct answer is indicated by fireworks on the screen and users are taken straight to the next question, while an incorrect answer does nothing.  The user then has the option to either delete and re-enter a correct response, or click the ‘skip’ button.  This concept - ensuring a correct answer - is important as it prevents children from learning incorrect answers and developing misconceptions.  At the end of the game, statistics are displayed reporting on their progress.  Children might be able to identify their weaknesses, however, the app offers the option to save this page by automatically taking a picture of the data, this allows adults to help and intervene where necessary to encourage children’s learning.
Returning to the main area, the "about us" page outlines the app's history: created by parents, with the goal of making mathematical practice easier, more effective and longer in duration.  The "instructions" page, explains how to set up the app, although this is not necessary as the app is self-explanatory.  Within the game play, there is also the option to switch between left/right handed.  This feature allows the user to switch the display, making the button positions more suitable for left-handers or right-handers.  Finally, there is there is also the option to mute the music and click on the "info" link which takes users to the website for the app.  The developers have clearly thought about this app, with simple but useful features throughout, for example, when a correct answer is entered, the app moves to the next question without the need to click enter or next.  Similarly, there is a mute button is on every page.  These small details add to the app’s usability.
Overall, ideal for practicing basic number skills. Mainly useful for addition and subtraction skills, but used properly, multiplication and division skills too.

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Simple and effective daily math fact practice game:
Levels: 0-5, 6-10, 11-20, 21-50, 51-100 or any combination of these

Select Operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or any combination

Selected Level Mode: picks randomly between any of the selected levels and operations with the same session

Level Up! Mode: automatically level the game based on answer time. Will select the current level from within the selected operations.

Landscape: left handed and right handed configurations for all kids
Portrait: play vertical for either left or right handed players

Timer : creates a timeframe for the player to practice within
Report: shows correct and skipped counts for all operations and levels to see the entire session in one view

Math Fact Challenger was created by parents of elementary school kids who were looking to build confidence and independence in kids as they learn their math facts. We have observed that kids will find greater satisfaction and will practice much longer when they are in control of their own practice. This builds confidence and growth in math learning. This game can be played daily, similar to flash card practice, but can give the parents a chance to let the kids practice and learn on their own. Parents, teachers and students will all appreciate the value of this method.

Our game is designed with simplicity in mind while helping the students to learn and progress. It is done in a way where the players can practice independently while having the ability to report the important time tracking for the practice. The simple interface enables the student to easily select what they need to work on and to play. There are no complicated set up processes. The interface will work in portrait mode and landscape. In landscape mode, the game will support both left handed and right handed players. We believe that every detail such as this will build the student’s confidence. This tells the kids that they are considered important whether they are left handed or right handed.

This tool encourages personal effort in finding correct answers rather than negative reinforcement. Students will never receive a "Wrong!" statement, nor will the student simply be given the answer. This game is about practicing and learning for growth and mastery. The player can continue to try for correct answers or they may skip when stumped. This supports a growth mindset learning environment. To continue growth, the game is able to manage the level of problems for the player if desired. The game will increase or decrease difficulty by the amount of time required to answer each problem. There is also the option to pick exactly which number range and operation.

Parents are able to clearly see how their kids are doing by taking a quick look at the summary report after each session. There is reporting after each round so that the players can show that they did their practice and can be sure to stick to their school's daily requirements. This report will show the number of answers that were correct or skipped per level per operation. This will help to track where the student is, but is not a distraction while the student is practicing. This report can be saved.

The game has a timer that allows parents or teachers to know that the students are putting in their time. The timer is there to track the effort spent on the practice. The idea is that the students will improve just by practicing and playing within the timeframe.

The game will allow players to choose any combination of level and operation and will produce questions within those selections. The game also has a level up mode that will automatically level the game based on the frequency of correct or skipped answers. The dynamic leveling also works within any combination of operations that is selected.

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