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About Math Attax

MathAttax is a gamified math practice app that helps kids practice mental arithmetic covering addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. It uses gameplay and many elements of kids' favourite casual games to make the practice more fun than worksheets. It also has a simultaneous two-player mode for players using one device.

You can download MathAttax on iOS and Android devices for free. In-app purchases expand the initial playable content with more options and gameplay modes. You can also play MathAttax on your desktop PC using the Firefox browser.

This review of MathAttax used the native app with its entire content unlocked.

Math Attax Review

What is MathAttax app?

MathAttax turns practising mental arithmetic into a game-like activity. It plays like a game, looks like a game, and even has a two-player mode. 

Players of the MathAttax learning game have a numerical target to achieve through claiming numbers by shooting them. Depending on the mode they are playing, and the column in which they have placed their character, hitting the number will adjust the running score.

When a player's score hits the target, they have won.

The challenge is built by a timer, a computer-controlled or human opposing player, doing the mental arithmetic and timing shots to hit the plummeting numbers.

There are also three different modes to challenge kids' mental arithmetic. In Number Drop, the player targets numbers; in Symbol Strike, they aim for operators (+-×÷). Finally, in Mixed, there are both question types. Each game gets kids to think a bit differently about how to reach the target numbers.

The two-player mode works best on a larger screen, such as an iPad, but it remains playable on a phone.

What we love about MathAttax app.

MathAttax looks fantastic with very similar graphical effects to those kids will be familiar with on casual entertainment games. Everything that reduces the gap between entertainment titles and learning can make a difference for some kids.

Too few games let kids share gameplay on a single screen, which is a pity, as MathAttax shows that it can be a good experience. 

The game can be fine-tuned to meet each player's current skill level by adjusting settings that impact the pressure placed on the player. For example, speeding up the bullets makes it easier to time shots. These settings are independent for each player, so two siblings of different ages could have a fair two-player battle by changing the gameplay settings.

MathAttax provides entertaining and helpful mental arithmetic practice far more interesting than pen and paper-based exercises

What skills does it teach?

MathAttax gives kids practice on mental arithmetic and fluency. Kids work to answer addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication problems. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Everybody can usefully practice their mental arithmetic speed. The more you practise, the fewer errors you'll make in your day-to-day calculations, and you'll be quicker too. The app particularly suits kids in elementary or primary school.

Is MathAttax app easy to use?

MathAttax comes with instructions, and video guides are available on its website explaining how to play. The options are self-explanatory, and kids can tune the app to match their current level with a bit of experimentation.

How will students benefit?

The sci-fi-like graphics and synthesiser ambient sound create a strong game-like feel. 

MathAttax gives kids excellent practice at building their mental arithmetic fluency. It can feel pressured, but that helps motivate kids. The different game modes and options let them or teachers adjust the challenge to keep in the learning sweet spot.

How will parents benefit?

Other mental arithmetic fluency apps take a gamified approach, but MathAttax offers the practice for a fixed fee. Once you have downloaded the app and the in-app purchases, there are no subscription costs. 

Mental arithmetic is a skill that people of any age can practise and improve (even parents), so MathAttax could be an app that kids return to over a long time. A long-term, useful app for a fixed price is an increasingly rare thing.

MathAttax is compatible with Apple Family Sharing.

How will teachers benefit?

Using devices in the classroom is often limited by how many there are. The few apps with two-player modes, like MathAttax, let teachers double up how many kids can play on them at once. 

The ease with which kids can pick up and play MathAttax makes it easy for teachers to slot in some arithmetic practice for their students.

What can MathAttax app improve on?

The 3-2-1 countdown at the start of each round adds an attractive graphical embellishment and a sense of anticipation, but after a few views, players will want to skip straight to the game.

Not allowing users to cancel artificial waits is a common mistake made by apps of all types, not just educational. When users have to wait, it leads to frustration which, in an educational app especially, we want to avoid.

One-player game modes see the player control the right-hand character, which is not typical of games. While it does not make a difference to the game, it feels strange, and it might take new users a few minutes to realise that they need to work on the right. 

The best solution would be to let players choose which side they want to control in a one-player game. This would have the advantage of better accomodating left-handed users as the fire button would switch sides.

For classroom use:

Apps with in-app purchases are difficult for schools to administer. Teachers should look under the developer's other apps for a variant of this app which they can buy outright.

Teachers will also appreciate a few settings to tailor the app's use to the classroom, such as toggles for music and sound effects and a way to prevent kids from changing the app's difficulty settings.

Good to know

MathAttax calls its in-app purchase packs, which might leave some users thinking of consumable in-app purchase packs. Consumables, which are used up by players and need constant renewals, are not ideal in an app aimed at kids. 

MathAttax does not use consumables, so don't dismiss it when you see the Packs.

How much does MathAttax app cost?

MathAttax is free to download and comes with plenty of playable content. You unlock more game modes and levels through in-app purchases.

Is MathAttax app safe to use?

MathAttax contains no inappropriate content. It does not feature advertising, third-party links, or social media links. There are no requests for personal details.

Overall rating of the app.

Mental arithmetic rewards continual practice, but the traditional ways of doing this are not entertaining, to say the least. Worksheets and quickfire quizzes have their limitations. 

MathAttax makes practice look good and play well. Practise doesn't have to be part of epically long study sessions, so using this app can slot into wherever kids would have chosen a casual mobile game.

The gameplay is customisable to match players' needs, it feels like a game, and it helps kids get better at making calculations in their heads. Download the free app to give your kids some extra practice and see if MathAttax pulls them into its competitive world.

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