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Math Attack is an effective blackboard-style arithmetic quiz app that emphasizes speed. Lots of options allow kids to customize the experience. Content is limited to the four operators and exponents, and levels of difficulty only ramp up to double digits or multi-step expressions. Overall, Math Attack is great for older elementary kids who haven't yet cemented their calculation skills or younger ones who want to get a head start. Kids can learn to calculate with single and double-digit integers, solve exponential expressions, and complete two-step calculations quickly and efficiently. They can also learn to control their own study experience and adjust controls depending on their own needs. 

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Get Math Attack now to improve your math skills!

Math Attack helps improve your simple math skills! You can practice different types of math like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares and multiple part questions.

- Scoreloop integration provides global leader boards and awards!
- Statistics let you see how you are doing over time and Scoreloop integration provides global leader boards and online high-score lists.

Upgrade to Math Attack Pro today to get additional game modes, advanced stats and no more ads!

Game modes include:

Practice - Choose the question types and practice.

Timed - Answer as many questions as you can in the time limit.

Survival (Pro Only) - Same as timed mode but correct answers add to time left.

Race - Get the best time by answering 25 or 50 questions as fast as you can!

Rounds (Pro Only) - User is asked 10 questions per round. You can only get one wrong each round so be careful.

Keywords: Math, Workout, Practice, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Powers, Scoreloop

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