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About Math and Science Tutor

Math and Science tutor provides clear mathematical and scientific online videos wrapped in an app.  These videos cover a collection of topics at a variety of different levels, explaining concepts in a simple step-by-step approach before working through a range of different examples, each designed to broaden students’ knowledge and deepen their understanding.  Videos are searchable, can be browsed by topic or bookmarked as a favourite.

Math and Science Tutor Review

Produced by, this subscription-based app provides the platform to share their collection of Mathematical and Scientific videos. 
Upon opening the app, students are presented with a YouTube style layout, with ‘featured videos’ prominently scrolling along the top and scrollable ‘latest course’ videos listed below that.Users can either, search for a specific video or they can click the menu button in the top left hand corner to navigate through a list of courses which includes predominantly Mathematical and Scientific videos but some other areas too.
Using the menu, students can select from a range of videos, many of which include elements of the GCSE curriculum along with some KS3 concepts.Mathematical topics include: Basic Math; Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry; Calculator Usage; Calculus and Statistics; and Engineering Math. While the Scientific areas cover: Physics; Chemistry; Electrical and Mechanical Engineering; along with interesting Scientific Experiments.There are also other adhoc courses, such as using software, to choose from.
Selecting a topic from the menu reveals the sub-topic, from which the user can select their desired skill. This takes users to a new page with a multitude of videos around that skill, listed in progressive order. Before selecting a video, there are three links on the right hand side; two to like or share videos and the third provides a link to downloadable resources often in the form of practice questions. The practice questions are a good way of supplementing students’ knowledge and provide an additional means of support. Once a video is selected, it is displayed on the device in full screen after several seconds.It seems that videos are streamed each time they are played therefore students will need a reliable internet connection.The ability to download a video or create an offline list would be extremely useful; however, this might cause difficulties or conflict with the monthly subscription charge. 
From an academic standpoint, the videos are presented in a professional manner, often with a whiteboard used as the main teaching tool.  Most topics are introduced via direct instruction.  They normally begin with simplistic ideas that are progressed with a variety of worked examples.  These are supplemented by detailed explanations often in a variety of different contexts and occasionally including some exploratory ideas. The presenter rarely pauses for a breath with these explanations and students might want to press pause to think through a particular concept before proceeding. Videos vary in length, some less than 10 minutes and most less than 45 minutes.  
The length and style of the videos naturally suit independent students who are able to focus for extended periods of time rather than younger children who may struggle concentrating for this length of time. Despite this, the develop boasts hundreds of hours of course materials, therefore for the avid user, there is a lot of content to be gained from this subscription-based app.
Overall, this app is worthy of its four-star rating. The videos are very well done with an emphasis on detail and explanations rather than an overview.

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