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Math 8: Talk math with Leon!

Kids will be crazy for math!

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  • age 7+
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About Math 8: Talk math with Leon!

The software application ‘Math: Talk math with Leon!’ is a unique mathematical learning platform that guides the child through a proven method for teaching basic maths using vocal dialogue and visual prompts. The Math 8 Learning programme includes lessons, exercises, and quizzes designed to help your child engage and understand Mathematics. The application is initially free and includes an in-app subscription for further content. The application is free from in-app adverts and is suitable for students aged 8 years and above.

Teacher Review

Once the application has been downloaded the user is shown a delightful, exciting and fun opening screen that introduces Leon the space travel who is your guide on your Math’s journey. The graphics are wonderful and Leon’s comments are very engaging. He will tell you where to press for your first challenge, however, do not leave it too long otherwise Leon may fly off or burst into tears!

The app works in both portrait and landscape mode with clear buttons and text. The Home screen displays the three challenges, Bronze, Silver, and Gold with the percentage of how much of the challenge has been completed. There is a button at the bottom left that can switch the app between silent (speech bubbles), keyboard (answer via the keyboard) and vocal (Leon speaks and you answer out loud). It is noted that this mode requires internet access for vocal recognition. This is ideal for a classroom situation as the application can be quite noisy. It is noted that any challenge can be chosen even if the previous challenge has not been completed.

The ‘Math 8’ icon on the home screen introduces the user to several sub-menus which include:

A Tutorial – Displaying three options: Talk, Play and Practice this is an ideal opportunity for the user to explore the application and its workings.

Math 8 by Topic – Ideal for teachers and students to get an overview of the topics covered within the app. The result of each exercise is sent back to you by Leon in the iMessage conversation.

Math 8 by Week - This displays the topics in the Bronze, silver and Gold categories along with a schedule week by week.

My Exercises – monitors the child’s exercises they have already completed.

Create an exercise – Here a Teacher, parent or students can create their exercise with editable questions. This is a great feature that could introduce a bespoke learning programme to the child.

Settings – Progress can be reset in this menu along with the controls for volume and subscriptions.

Once a challenge has been chosen Leon the space traveller guides you through the instructions with the Lesson number, title and example. These instructions can be repeated. Lessons include numbers, measurements, operations, timetables, mental maths, division and word problems.

Difficult questions can be skipped using a free pass and bonus points are earned on history, geography, and environmental subjects. Wrong answers will also prompt Leon to give you a Hint, although these were not just Hints but often answers. The interaction and speech of Leon are truly engaging and the developers should be commended for how seamlessly this works.

Leon will often give further information regarding a country and you can visit Leon's favourite locations on Earth in 3D where you can practice and earn points. We did enjoy the extra content; however, some students may find the application has information overload and they may lose focus on the main aspect of the application which is Maths. Leon will review your score at the end of the exercise where you can win extra prizes by playing games. These include an augmented game where Leon has to catch fallen stars. This is a great feature and our students enjoyed this, however, they found it very challenging.

We found the application ‘Math: Talk math with Leon!’ truly engaging and a wonderful, interactive Maths experience. The topics and content covered are vast. We enjoyed the fact that students can progress at their own pace, earn certificates and learn through the art of repetition, playing and vocal communication. We did find that the application could be simplified as several interactions are going on within the screen. Our users often found themselves lost in the menus, unsure of what topic they had learnt and whether they were focusing on Maths or being distracted by other content or games. We suggest the developers could create an overall graphical map for the user to see the topics they have covered and the planets they have visited. 

‘Math: Talk math with Leon!’ is an excellent application that offers an excellent platform for teachers and students wishing to learn Maths. The application provides excellent opportunities for students to improve their numeracy skills as well as their communication and digital media skills. We can see this application being used in a classroom situation with a group of students focusing on a single topic, creating competition or by parents at home wishing for their child to learn Math unsupported.

This app comes highly recommended by The

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Screenshots for Math 8: Talk math with Leon!

  • Math 8: Talk math with Leon!Math 8: Talk math with Leon!Math 8: Talk math with Leon!Math 8: Talk math with Leon!Math 8: Talk math with Leon!Math 8: Talk math with Leon!Math 8: Talk math with Leon!Math 8: Talk math with Leon!


Learn math by talking and playing with Leon in the next generation of vocal applications!
Practice with Leon just like with a real teacher, and play with Leon like you never could with your own teacher!!

Designed for Kids, Leon is a space traveler who can speak, listen, and understand you. He can be sad or happy depending on what you do or say.
Leon's math learning program is based on a proven method for teaching basic math skills that has been adapted for the learner to use natural language and dialogue.

Math 8 covers one year of kids age 8 and up learning, split into 48 one week learning steps:

  • Master challenges and earn certificates to reach the highest math level (Bronze, Silver, Gold).
  • Progress at your own pace, or follow Leon through the lessons by tapping on his visor.
  • Ask Leon directly for math lessons or exercises you want to practice.
  • Visit Leon's favorite locations on Earth in 3D where you can practice and earn points.
  • Play virtual and augmented reality mini-games with Leon to earn a free pass.

Three available audio modes:

  1. VOCAL: Leon speaks and you answer out loud (This mode requires internet access for vocal recognition).
  2. KEYBOARD: Leon speaks, and you answer using the keyboard (This mode doesn't require internet access).
  3. SILENT: Leon talks to you in speech bubbles, and you answer using the keyboard.

With Math 8 use iMessage bubbles to learn.

  • Use your voice to answer exercises sent to your iMessage conversation
  • Send Leon to your friends to deliver animated vocal messages via iMessage.

For teachers and parents:

  • Access all content by theme or step, and find the lesson or exercise you want your child or student to practice.
  • Your child or student can then play the content in the app, or play it directly via iMessage.
  • The result of each exercise is sent back to you by Leon in the iMessage conversation.
  • Create your own exercises.
  • Vocal exercises can be completed without looking at the screen.

Math 8 Learning Program

  • Lessons, exercises, and quizzes have been designed by specialists in education and child psychology.
  • All of Leon's dialogue and responses have been created by qualified authors.
  • There are dozens of math lessons, hundreds of exercises and thousands of questions about digits, numbers, operations, units, and measurements.
  • Exercises are focused on basic math skills such as times tables, mental math, word problems.
  • When your child makes a mistake, Leon will help by giving a hint, so that they can find the right answer themselves.
  • Difficult questions can be skipped using a free pass.
  • Bonus points are earned on history, geography, and environmental subjects.
  • The tutorial is available at any moment.


  • The app does not require any personal user data.
  • The app is functional without network access (in KEYBOARD or SILENT modes).

Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase.

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