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Match & Learn™ The Professions by Petita Demas

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A cute app for preschoolers to introduce different professions

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The Match and Learn the Professions app is based on puzzles and books from decades ago where you match different sections of a character together. In this case, there are three sections, each of which appears with a different animal character, who in turn has a specific profession. Children can swipe away the three different sections and a new part of a character will appear in its place. Character sections are cleverly arranged so that any combination of parts matches up to display a muddled up animal, which really appeals to young children. Once they have swiped to match all three sections, an animation of that character plays and they win a badge relating to that character.

As well as the matching up game described above, the app also gives children the option to have a series of poems read to them. Each poem relates to one of the animal characters and their professions - Mr Big Bear (the basketball player), Mr Bricky (a turtle builder), Doctor Feelgood, Mr Speed (a crocodile formula one driver), Miss Floaty (a cat astronaut), Miss Splash the firefighter, Miss Pirouette the ballet dancer, Mr Lasso (a horse character who works as a cowboy), Mr Whistle the Traffic Officer and Mr Yumyum (a reindeer chef). There is a good mix of animal and humanoid characters for children to relate to. Each has its own four line poem that is read out to children, and an accompanying animation. When children unlock the badges in the matching game, the character then has an extra animation in the “read to me” section too.

Throughout the app, the graphic design is of an exceptional quality, with masses of visual appeal, great use of colour and really engaging characters and animations. The sound effects and music are also of a very high quality, and the spoken narration is very clear. One feature which is not immediately obvious is that parents can personalise the app with their child’s name - a small touch but one that shows that the app has been well thought through. This can be found in the parents area which is accessed from the main app screen. It would maybe benefit from the option to choose more than one child to personalise the app for, however, given this feature exists at all, for households with more than one young child who will want to keep track of their own badges.

In all, this is a very accomplished app. Although it has a fairly narrow scope, it has masses of appeal for the target user base and is a great starting point for discussions and creative thinking. It is worth noting that there is a good parent section, which includes information about the app as well as the ability to change the language of the app between English, French and Spanish. In app adverts are also restricted through a parental lock, meaning that children can play the app without a huge amount of supervision

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  • Match & Learn™ The Professions by Petita DemasMatch & Learn™ The Professions by Petita DemasMatch & Learn™ The Professions by Petita DemasMatch & Learn™ The Professions by Petita DemasMatch & Learn™ The Professions by Petita Demas


Match the stripes
solve the puzzle
discover the professions!

Let your kids discover interesting and exciting jobs with "Match & Learn™ The Professions".
What’s it all about: an educational puzzle game for kids 2-6, where, in three stripes, they try to match 10 different characters, each with their own profession.
Learn each profession’s little secrets by listening to their short, funny and exciting poem, in the “Read to Me” section of the game.
All character animations are handcrafted frame by frame, in great detail and funny looks, so that kids will love them at first sight!
"Match & Learn™ The Professions" helps kids observe, remember, choose and match fast and efficiently while developing their motor skills.
Moreover, children get to learn that life is full of choices and as you share a game together, you get the opportunity to talk about what they want to be when they grow up and why.

• Mr. Whistle the Traffic Officer
• Mr. Bricky the Builder
• Miss Splash the Firefighter
• Miss Pirouette the Ballet Dancer
• Miss Floaty the Astronaut
• Mr. Yumyum the Chef
• Dr. Feelgood
• Mr. Big Bear the Basketball Player
• Mr. Speed the Formula 1 Driver
• Mr. Lasso the Cowboy!

• More than 1,000 beautifully hand drawn frames of animation that reveal each character’s own special universe
• Uplifting, engaging music and funny sound effects throughout the game, personalized to each character
• Fun, engaging poems highlighting each profession’s little secrets, recited with unique style by a professional actor that will put a smile on any face
• 3 languages with narration: English, French, Spanish
• Personalized experience by entering your child’s name
• Mechanics to enhance your child’s puzzle and motor skills

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