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About Marvel Hero Tales

Marvel Hero Tales is an education app that embeds vocabulary and grammar practice into a game. Marvel Hero Tales app features popular Marvel superheroes in its comic-book style content.  It is a free app made fully accessible through a subscription and is aimed at children aged between 5 and 11 (US Grades 1 to 5/England and Wales years 2 to 6).

The stories and activities within Marvel Hero Tales entice children to engage with the app and in doing so use its learning content to build their reading, vocabulary, and storytelling skills.  This app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Marvel Hero Tales Review

Many apps claim to merge games with learning content but, often, the two aspects sit awkwardly. This is most definitely not the case with this app as you will see in this Marvel Hero Tales Review. 

A top-quality presentation of the Marvel superheroes world is shown in this app. It has game-play elements that fit in well with its comic-book styling and it stays true to the Marvel theme within its meaningful literacy education content.

New material is regularly added to the app in the form of a new story each month, expanding its entertainment content and educational usefulness each time it does. 

What skills does Marvel Hero Tales app improve?

As children play through Marvel Hero Tales, they will get plenty of chances to practise their reading skills. There are multiple superheroes (12 at the time of review) to choose from and each comes with a variety of stories which provide different tales and educational activities.

Each story is played through in a very game-like environment. They contain plenty of incidental speech-bubble text and animated cutscenes to advance the story and encourage players to read.

Finally, children get to read a story which they have influenced. The tales of the marvel heroes that they have played through are compiled into comic strips that they can read through and share with parents and guardians.

Comic books traditionally match their dramatic imagery with powerful dialogue and this feature is harnessed in Marvel Hero Tales app to help children to build their vocabulary. As kids encounter a challenge in the game and solve the problems, they being to build up the actions of their Marvel superhero by forming chains of words into dramatic sentences. Players formulate an appropriate string of words to express the action they want their on-screen character to perform.

As well as word comprehension and learning the meanings of these words, children look at other aspects of word use that they can use to enhance their own storytelling capability. Powerful adverbs, alliteration, and synonyms are covered.

Inappropriate word choices for any given situation result in failure but the player can try again until they get it right. Each word they use, rightly or wrongly, is one they have tried to use in a sentence and will have seen how it changes the tone and intent within it. Completing a challenge within a certain range is one of the achievements players can unlock so they will not want to needlessly get answers wrong.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is specifically designed for children between the ages of 5 and 11. As the app builds upon reading skills rather than builds them from the beginning, parents and teachers will need to consider its suitability for each child. Those who would most benefit are those who can extract meaning from a text already but need to increase their vocabulary and practise using a variety of words in their writing.

How will students benefit?

The children who will benefit most from this app are those for whom comic books and superheroes already hold a great attraction. Those who do will enjoy delving into stories that they can influence as they control the different Marvel superheroes. That this time also counts towards their learning activities will delight these children.

As well as the stories and characters, children can collect comic covers and build up an array of achievements that are recorded by the app.

How will parents benefit?

Many parents buy their child a weekly or monthly comic and the Marvel Hero Tales app subscription feels like a progression of this. As well as giving children the chance to delve into the Marvel world as they would with comics, they can also be guided towards better literacy skills in the way only an interactive app can.

What can Marvel Hero Tales app improve on?

Occasionally, the correct string of words does not quite read right, given the current situation of the player's character. They are always grammatically correct but the choice of adverb or adjective reads a little off. Also, the incorrect words are sometimes only incorrect because the app wants the player to use other ones rather than because they do not make sense.  

These can be a little irritating, but they are not frequent. They do not harm the learning experience - the second issue even results in the player doing more reading - which is one of the aims of the app.

Marvel Hero Tales takes its comic-book inspiration seriously and it mimics the design of them with great authenticity. This means that its text is very similar to that found in comics and so is often all in uppercase. Children do need to learn to work with a variety of text styles so this is not a criticism, but teachers and parents do need to consider whether their child's literacy is ready for this style of text.  

The app uses U.S. English which could cause some spelling confusion with children from other countries.

How much does Marvel Hero Tales cost?

The free trial version of this app will give you the chance to see how this app works but naturally it does not provide the full experience of the subscription. A yearly subscription is noticeably cheaper than a monthly one so it is well worth seeing how your child likes this app before subscribing so that you can confidently choose the most appropriate duration.

Is Marvel Hero Tales safe to use?

The content of this app is very much like that of the comics it is inspired by. As such the language and imagery is child-friendly. There is cartoon style violence but only of the type you would find in the comics themselves.

Overall rating of the app

Marvel Hero Tales has taken its source material and expertly matched it with games and challenges that fit well and are educationally useful. With a huge amount of content, superb production values, and a strong educational dimension, this app has earned its 5 stars.

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