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Marina and the light

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A beautiful interactive story app that allows children to develop stories with their own imaginations.

Teacher Review

“Marina and the Light” is on the face of it simply an animation, although it is presented in the style of an e-book, with several 'pages' – children can turn these in order or jump in at the one they choose. However, due to the way it is presented it offers teachers and other educators a fantastic starting point for allowing children to explore imaginatively and express their creativity. Its tie-in website can help with planning a lesson or activity with these aims.
The first thing that strikes you about the app, right from the first few seconds of the title screen, is the sumptuous graphic design employed. Every page throughout the app is designed beautifully and decorated in a watercolour style. The quality is consistently high and this is of great benefit in an app that is designed to inspire children. Although no narration or commentary is offered, the inviting use of colour and animation encourage you from the outset to start wondering about the story – making predictions, imagining what will happen next and trying to glean information about Marina's world.
Enhancing the delightful graphics is a very high quality musical soundtrack, with plenty of variety, which provides a cheery and interesting backdrop to the animation. Sound effects supplement this and add to the user experience. This all makes you feel more immersed in the story and the whole episode will surely motivate learners successfully.
In a class setting, it would be important to plan carefully to make sure that everyone moved forward at a good rate, since it's easy to get distracted by the details and also to keep going backwards and forwards. That being said, within a well-planned lesson this app would be a huge asset – giving children an opportunity to get creative juices flowing, either individually or within groups.
All in all, this app is well thought out and very well presented - It does what it does perfectly.
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Developer Description

Live with your children the experience of discovering the magic of the light next to Marina and her friends. An interactive story without words where you will be the creator of the story.

Discover "Marina and the light", a unique application that helps children build vocabulary and imagination: the child can create the story and can make up a different story each time.

Be amazed by an app that stimulates the imagination and creativity of your little ones, accompanying Marina on a journey through a day in a magical world where you will discover the wonderful possibilities of light with her special friends.

Share with your children a perfect story to make learning fun. An interactive experience aimed at all those people who are curious to get to know new creative experiences and who want to dream, reflect and enjoy a world where illustrations come to life.

Enjoy the stunning visuals of the watercolour illustrations by Alberto Vazquez (2012 Goya Award for best animated short film) and original soundtrack composed of twelve songs by Daniel Herrero (Pocoyo's composer and music producer).
A very complete storybook that will delight the whole family.

•Enriches a child's creativity and attention span.
•Stimulates imagination and visual literacy.
•Allows the sharing of experiences with the family by offering quality entertainment.
•Promotes learning and encourages children's storytelling ability.
•Transmits universal educational values such as: tolerance, freedom, equality, commitment and fraternity.
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DADA Company offers children quality entertainment designed to educate and have fun, and to give parents the satisfaction that they are offering their children an enriching educational experience.
Each DADA Company story is totally original and different to the previous one. DADA Company has been awarded with the 2013 Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award in the fiction category.
Some of their other titles include: "Four Little Squares", "1000 Adventures", "Off to bed! or "Learn with Transportation".

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