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About MarcoPolo Ocean

MarcoPolo Ocean is a free play, open world app to explore and discover ocean life. Players are exposed to STEM concepts and vocabulary while they explore the ocean, learn characteristics of marine plant and animal life, and build a boat or submersible vehicle.

MarcoPolo Ocean Review

MarcoPolo Ocean app is part puzzle and part an open sandbox for underwater exploration. Both modes are available from the get-go.

MarcoPolo Ocean bubbles with fishy fun as kids get exposed to over 30 types of fish and marine animals. It will appeal to any child in the target age of 3 to 7.

The two visuals used to choose the world - puzzle piece and fish — make it easy for players of all levels to understand how to navigate and change to the other world at any time. As play continues, hints for more play, such as glowing shapes and directional arrows, will appear to encourage more exploration.

In the puzzle mode, kids tap and then drag items from the upper corner to the main playspace to create things like a coral reef, a herring fish, and an orca whale. In addition, they can choose to construct a boat and a submersible to pilot around the ocean.

This puzzle play consists of matching items to grayed-in outlines within a scene. For the coral reef, kids will be adding sponges, coral, and a wide variety of fish. When they correctly place a fish in its spot, the narrator announces its name and it immediately animates; so the puffer fish will puff up if tapped, and the angelfish will bob and blink an eye.

With the herring and orca, kids drag body parts to the outline, so they learn about fins, gills, scales, and such. The boat and submersible are a little more whimsical, as cute cartoon characters inhabit the cabins.

MarcoPolo Ocean has been used in a small group (via screen mirroring) and independently by students ages 10 to 13 with multiple disabilities, including Down syndrome, autism, intellectual disability, apraxia of speech, and traumatic brain injury (TBI) with visual impairment. 

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iPad, iPhone


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MarcoPolo Learning, Inc.

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