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About Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

The application Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is ideal for performers and musicians to practice and perform improvisations. It utilizes a wide array of simple and complex chords, chord structures and harmonic analysis to develop chord patterns and reharmonization, in order for the performer to rehearse and perform alongside these chords. It provides the ability to print and collaborate with others, which is crucial as a jazz musician for many people.  A very complex and interesting app! 

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro Review

When the app first opens, it takes you to a home screen which immediately gives you the options to read through the manual, go through tutorials and lessons, look at the harmonic maps, scores, or just get practicing and playing along. The manual is really helpful, has lots of visual images and good explanations. It takes you out of the app and onto a website, so you would need the internet. It would be good perhaps if this was a pdf that came with the app and would open up in iBooks so it can be viewed without the need of the internet.  
The tutorials and lessons are fantastic. These are so detailed and complex, and give you the option to select from many different tutorials and lessons. These are all on YouTube. This is really helpful as it minimizes the amount of space the app requires; however, it does mean that the app needs the internet again. It could be helpful to keep all of these on YouTube, but then to also have an internal tutorial on the app itself, to help people work their way through the app. Nevertheless, the tutorials are excellent and so helpful.  
Once you feel comfortable that you know what you are doing, you can then select the map or the map and score, to look into the harmonic analysis, potential pathways and reharmonization techniques, and listen to the chords themselves through the map. With all of this understanding of the different maps and symbolism throughout, you can then develop your own harmonies and modulations, to prepare for performance.  
Once ready with your harmonic progressions you have selected, you can then play along. This comes with so many different choices; looking at jazz or classical harmony, studying bass lines and chord inversions, all classical concepts and jazz concepts. Once you have chosen how you would like your piece set-up, you can then play along at your speed, to practice your performance skills and improvisations. This really comes into its own for jazz performers, but that doesn’t take away from the opportunity for classical performers and the understanding of the theory of harmonic analysis too.   
The audio is clear and excellent, and the opportunity to then download a range of different songs is really helpful. The tracks also export as XML which means you can then print your own songbooks, or open this onto other music notation softwares which could help composers to further orchestrate their ideas.  
The app loads very quickly, which is pretty amazing, given the depth and complexity of the app and what it can provide a musician. The only drawback I feel, is its target audience. This is ideal for a performer who already has a fairly solid understanding of chord progressions, some notation, but particularly chord notation. For any student who is less au-fait with harmonic analysis, they would feel lost at the concept of the maps quite early on. This is where I might suggest that you can have an earlier menu (or even an earlier app) that develops the harmonic understanding and the theory underpinning this, so that many music students can move for-ward from this to enjoy this wonderful app. 

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