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About Map Quiz World Geography

Map Quiz challenges its players to memorise and learn about continents and countries to be better able to identify them on a map. The quizzes are multiple-choice and range from finding countries on a continent to counties and states in nations.

Map Quiz is available on both iOS and Android as a free download. Users expand the quizzing content through in-app purchases, and this review is based on the full unlocked app. Anyone, from young to old, interested in this type of quiz could enjoy using Map Quiz.

Map Quiz World Geography Review

What is Map Quiz app?                                          

Can you point to every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe on a map of each continent? Can you name each administrative region within your own country? Map Quiz challenges you to learn to do this through a multiple-choice quiz.

Players can take as many tries as they like, and the app logs their achievements in a ‘Wisdom Map’ section of the app.

What we love about Map Quiz app.

Sometimes everyone’s knowledge is a bit less than they think. Map Quiz, during this review, highlighted this a few times. You might think you can pinpoint countries, and when you look at a map populated with names of countries, there are no surprises.

Remove those names, though, and it all becomes a lot less certain. Large countries and some island or peninsula-located nations are hard to get wrong, but countries clustered on a landmass are tricky. Map Quiz shakes its players out of their geographic overconfidence and helps to raise their country identification skills.

Most players will want to stick to learning to identify each of the world’s nations, but if you are feeling ambitious or want to really get to learn about a single country, you can zoom in even further. Even a lifelong resident of England will struggle to name every county, but they can certainly learn through trial and error with Map Quiz.

Some of the countries and country regions are pretty small on maps. Learning to identify them by their boundary is as useful as learning their relative position, so it is good to see that the app has a zoom function that makes it easy to see the smallest regions.

What skills does it improve?

Map Quiz highlights to its players where countries are relative to each other and in which content. It zooms in even further to a country level and challenges you to identify counties or states within each nation. If you want to be able to point out each of England’s counties or the states in the USA, (there’s a similar quiz for other countries too), this is the app to learn and practise.

This knowledge fits more into general knowledge and trivia than the learning a geography exam might test. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Any child old enough to either learn to identify countries or who wants to test their existing knowledge could use this app. There are no advertisements in the app or social media features. 

Is Map Quiz app easy to use?

Map Quiz is an easy-to-understand app. Its interface is well laid out, and it is easy to enter answers into the quizzes.

How will students benefit?

Kids probably won’t pass any extra exams having learned to identify each country in a continent, but they will get a feeling of success. The confidence in their ability to learn and memorise facts will give them a boost to do the same in curriculum-related content.

How will teachers benefit?

A small feature but one that makes you wish other apps did it is that the app starts with the sound set to silent from the outset. Telling kids not to enable the sound is so much easier than getting them to mute it!

How will parents benefit?

When parents want to get an app for kids to pass the time, but they also want it to be a bit more educational than a game, their options are limited. While there are some good general-audience apps with a little educational content, they often adopt a freemium model and push consumable in-app purchases for buying hints etc. 

Map quiz provides an interesting challenge at a predictable price. Kids won’t nag you to buy in-game currency for hints, and you can choose the extent to which you pay to unlock the app’s quizzing content.

What can Map Quiz app improve on?

Map Quiz addresses a general audience of users who want to pass the time using an app that grows their knowledge rather than hones their reactions. It is no surprise, then, that its structure better suits those who will use the app on their own device, most likely a phone. 

Schools will struggle to employ the app because it does not have any way in which users can isolate their performance from others who also use the app. Neither is there an easy way to reset the app’s data.

This could be moot, though, as apps that rely on in-app purchases are complex for schools to administer. A school edition of the app that is available for a single purchase and which has the basic country quiz unlocked would be ideal for schools.

The scroll speed when navigating through countries seemed capped a bit slow. If you want to reach a country at the end of the alphabet, you can’t give the screen a quick flick and be right at the end; you’ll have to put a bit of effort in.

How much does Map Quiz app cost?

Map Quiz is free to download with restricted quizzing content. Many users will be entirely satisfied with the free app which comes with all of the content for identifying countries. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

This review of Map Quiz is based on the fully unlocked app with all features and areas available.  You have a choice of in-app purchases to unlock different countries in the app for identifying regions within them. It could be quite expensive to unlock everything, but most users will have more focused interests.

Is Map Quiz app safe to use?

None of the content in Map Quiz is unsuitable for kids. The free version is restricted but does not contain advertisements, and there are no external links to social media.

Overall rating of the app.

Map Quiz is a surprisingly detailed app. The potential to be quizzed on individual counties and districts was unexpected. The app is very well made with clear and precise maps and easy navigation. It is as good as any map-quizzing app could be. 

From an educational point of view, this isn’t a particularly in-demand area of knowledge and not one that addresses the content of most curricula, so we can’t recommend it as a must buy. However, if learning about countries is your kid’s interest, you want to build their general knowledge, or they like memory challenges, this will fit the bill.

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