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MamaLingua is a language app designed for parents and children who want to learn a second language Spanish or English. The app focuses on language parents use every day with their kids like vocabulary and phrases to use at mealtime, bath time, and during a long list of other everyday routines. It includes audio, text translations, and phonetics for more than 900 words in Spanish and English. 

Parents can use to learn Spanish and teach it to their young children. Vocabulary words and phrases includes text, phonetics and audio, and the app includes more than 900 everyday words and phrases divided into 18 categories. Includes both Spanish and English.


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Learn Spanish or English with the MamaLingua language app for kids and parents! With MamaLingua Premium for iOS, you’ll learn Spanish or English words and phrases you can use every day with your baby, preschooler, or young kids.

The MamaLingua Spanish App includes audio, text translations, and phonetics for more than 900 words and phrases in both Spanish and English. Categories include everyday routines like bathing, playing, reading, and sleeping.

Because MamaLingua covers everyday activities and routines, it’s the perfect tool for parents and kids to learn and practice Spanish or English together.


  • Vocabulary and Phrases for Parents and Kids: With MamaLingua, you’ll learn Spanish or English vocabulary and phrases you can use every day with your kids.
  • Categories for Everyday Routines: The app is divided into 18 categories that cover everyday routines with young children, with more than 900 words and phrases in Spanish and English.
  • Text, Phonetics, and Audio: Each vocabulary word and phrase includes Spanish and English text, easy-to-read phonetics, and audio. The Spanish audio features a native of Mexico. The English audio features a native of the United States.


  • Extra Free Content: Use the Community tab to access the MamaLingua Facebook feed to learn more Spanish words and phrases for free!
  • Choose Your Language: Use the Settings icon to switch from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.
  • Elige Tu Idioma: Utilice el icono de ajustes para cambiar de inglés a español o de español a inglés.

• Animals
• Bathing
• Changing
• Colors
• Common Phrases
• Eating & Drinking
• Feelings & Emotions
• Friends & Family
• Getting Dressed
• Greetings & Everyday Phrases
• Health
• Manners & Behaviors
• Modes of Transportation
• Numbers
• Parts of the Body
• Playing
• Reading
• Sleeping

We like the idea of targeting one routine at a time. Save your Spanish or English practice words and phrases to your favorites list and use them during that routine. Over time, those words will start to stick, and your kids will learn them, too!

If you’ve used another app to begin learning Spanish or English, terrific! MamaLingua can be used right alongside it. The difference between other language-learning apps and MamaLingua is the specific focus on language you use every day with your young kids.

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¡Aprenda inglés o español con la aplicación MamaLingua para niños y padres! Con la aplicación MamaLingua Premium en iOS, aprenderá palabras y frases que usted utiliza cada día con su bebé, niños de edad pre-escolar, o de escuela primaria.

La Aplicación MamaLingua Inglés incluye audio, traducción de texto, y fonética para más de 900 palabras y frases en inglés y en español. Las diferentes categorías incluyen rutinas diarias como el tiempo para el baño, el juego, la lectura y el de ir a dormir.


• Vocabulario y Frases Para Padres y Niños: Con MamaLingua, aprenderá vocabulario y frases de uso diario entre padres e hijos en inglés o español.

• Categorías para Rutinas Diarias: La aplicación está dividida en 18 categorías que consisten en rutinas que generalmente se llevan a cabo diariamente entre padres y sus niños, con 900 palabras y frases en inglés e español.

• Texto, Fonética, y Audio: Cada una de las palabras y frases incluye texto, fonética fácil de leer, y audio. El audio en inglés cuenta con un nativo de Estados Unidos. El audio en español cuenta con un nativo de Méjico.

• Seleccione Su Idioma: Utilice el ícono de ajustes para cambiar el idioma de inglés a español y viceversa.

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