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About Magrid

Magrid is an educational app that encourages users to develop their understanding and manipulation of different mathematical skills. The app is aimed at primary school children and has an extensive library of games and challenges to practice and master numerical skills including, spatial perception, sequencing, counting, number naming, mental rotation, and pattern recognition. User’s benefit from the multitude of task formats, ensuring they can learn through a medium that suits them. The app can be used in all settings to extend learning beyond the classroom. Games become more challenging as more are completed to respond to the user’s developing skills and continuation of challenge to keep the app engaging and fresh.  

There is a basic free trial where examples of games can be completed and the premise of the app understood, after this there is different subscription options to get the best from the app depending on the length of access required. The ease of navigation and the ability to complete challenges without text caters for an extensive demographic without limitation for specific languages or literacy ability. Users can experiment with different tasks, developing their curiosity and self-direct their learning.

Magrid Review

What is Magrid?

Magrid is an app that allows users to begin to develop their numerical cognition via completion of different mathematical tasks of varying difficulty. The app is incredibly easy to navigate with pleasing visuals to engage the targeted user and ignite their curiosity for all things mathematics. When logging in users type in their name to personalise the experience.

From here they are free to explore different task pages filled with a library of activities each focusing on numerical manipulation or visual and spatial tasks. Users can progress through the app by completing the activities, which is visually supported by a progress bar to symbolise their success. Completion of tasks is celebrated with a firework display, and errors are gently corrected with further instruction, encouraging resilience and perseverance within their learning.

A significantly notable aspect of the app is its ability to portray all instruction without the use of text, instead, relying solely on visual materials to convey information. Instructions are demonstrated using images and moving visuals to lead the user through the first task in each activity. If successful with the next task, the progress bar highlights itself in green to give visual praise and encourage the user to continue to completion.

If an answer is incorrect the app automatically reintroduces the instructions to support the user and correct their misunderstanding, without the need to search for help elsewhere. This provides instant feedback and support which is useful for younger users. Removing bulk text not only removes language barriers, supporting EAL students, but also reduces cognitive load and allows for users to self-direct and explore leading to better independence with regards to learning.

What we love about Magrid:

Magrid is an app that provides short sharp bursts of mathematical activities focusing on both numerical and spatial tasks of a range of different difficulties. The extensive library of tasks ensures the app remains fresh and engaging and provides age-appropriate visuals to keep the users entertained. The completely text free app, is fully inclusive to users of all nationalities, dialect and literacy ability.

What age is it appropriate for:

Magrid is appropriate for students from early years to KS2 allowing for practice and mastery of a variety of skills including problem solving and fine motor skills. This allows for early introduction and practice of these skills, builds confidence, allows for collaborate play with other users, and is an effective learning tool with parents and carers.

What skills does it improve:

Magrid improves problem-solving skills and encourages individuals to explore different challenges to stimulate their mathematical curiosity. Individuals can complete different challenges based on the skill they wish to practice. The app is academically relevant and includes key tasks that align with the national curriculum for early Mathematics.

The app has a vast library of different activities to complete, with a celebration for success and further demonstrations for any incorrect answers, ensuring that users are encouraged to persevere if unsuccessful.  The app further enhances skills such as problem solving, collaborative learning, critical thinking, motor skills and intrigue. The app is easy to navigate, and includes age-appropriate imagery, whilst encouraging users to self-direct their learning, choosing the challenges they wish to explore, and the format that is most effective for them.

Is Magrid easy to use:

Magrid is easy to use for both children and teachers/parents. Navigation is intuitive and age-appropriate animations are included to engage the target demographic. Visual instructions are given at the beginning of all challenges, and this is further explored if a user gets a question wrong to help them understand their error. Using imagery instead of text to give instructions allows for this app to be truly inclusive to many age groups, skill level and nationalities. The website is helpful with clear video to show more information on the app and its use.

How will students benefit:

Students can benefit using this app by completing a range of activities that target different mathematical skills to support their cognitive development. Early introduction to these skills will promote mastery, whilst encouraging independent learning, perseverance and problem solving. The apps use of visuals, and elimination of text allows for all users to participate without language being a barrier ensuring it is a classroom activity that is truly inclusive for all.

Tasks focus on different skills including, spatial perception, sequencing, counting, number naming, mental rotation, and pattern recognition. Students can benefit from the multitude of formats, ensuring they are able to learn through a medium that suits them. The app can be used in all settings to extend learning beyond the classroom.

How will teachers benefit:

Due to the range of tasks and challenges available on the app the use for teachers is vast. It can be used as part of brain breaks between teacher delivery to ensure student focus and enjoyment in class is maintained, whilst still benefitting the student academically. As teachers of this age group are not always specialists in STEM subjects it can be used to support them in their delivery.

The safety aspect of the app and its initially free download means it can be recommended to parents to support home learning. The app being completely free of text, relying solely on visuals to portray information, supports teachers with EAL students, ensuring all learners are catered for and can progress in this field.

How will parents benefit:

Parents can use the app to engage and excite their child beyond the classroom. It can be used as an enjoyable collaborative learning tool to further a child’s experience of a STEM subject which can be less focused on during early years. Magrid allows for parents to support their child’s early cognitive development, in a fun and engaging way that is suitable for all ability levels and languages.

The apps safety features put the parent in control for navigation beyond the student homepage, and echoes the mathematical focus of the app. Furthermore, answering mathematical questions to unlock aspects of the app, is a novel way of locking certain features that I am yet to see in an educational app.

Magrid can improve on:

Pleasing visuals and moving imagery follow the successful completion of each task which is vital to encourage ongoing exploration with younger age groups. To further encourage progression the ability to keep a score or challenge other users to a competition would add a further layer of collaborative learning and progression of skills.

How much does Magrid cost:

The app has an initial free download where users can experience some of what Magrid has to offer. It then has a variety of subscription plans to choose from which unlock more of the activities. Plans range in price from; 3 months for 24.99, 6 months for 39.99 and 12 months for 59.99.

Is Magrid safe to use:

The app is safe to use and free from adds. The app requires you to create a log in to build a profile, and the website is very transparent about how data is stored.  Certain areas of the app are ‘locked’ to children, and a mathematical question needs to be answered before access is granted. This is a lock feature I have not seen before and is a nice way to echo the purpose of the app.

Overall rating of the app:

The app is deserving of 5 stars. Magrid is a great way to introduce a variety of math-based skills to younger learners and begin to develop their cognitive learning abilities. Its unique delivery of instructions via imagery and not text, removes all language barriers and is a fantastic idea that is seldom used in educational apps.  The apps visuals are age appropriate and the variety in challenges is extensive, fresh, and engaging. There is an activity for every user within the age range specified.

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