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Magna Carta The Definitive Guide

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From the Developer

The Magna Carta is an English charter first signed (by the placing of King John's Great Seal upon the document) in 1215 and considered one of the most important documents in human history. The charter has often been described as “the crucial turning point in the struggle to establish freedom and a key element in the transformation of constitutional thinking throughout the world” and has had a profound effect on countries around the world.

This app provides a full historical overview of the Magna Carta, from it's origin through to the modern era. As well as a full Latin and English translation of the original Magna Carta and a large and scrollable image of the Magna Carta.

• Introduction to the Magna Carta.
• Timeline of the Magna Carta.
• The origins of the Magna Carta.
• Royal amendments to the Magna Carta.
• The effect of the Magna Carta.
• Magna Carta’s influence on the Modern Era.
• Full Latin translation.
• Full English translation.
• List of all Surety Barons.
• Scrollable & Zoomable image of the Magna Carta.

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