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One of the frustrations of online video content is that there is so much good stuff but also so much that is inappropriate. This app is designed to make accessing educational videos more child friendly.

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If you appreciate the vast array of children’s educational videos online but feel uneasy about allowing your child to use them, because of the largely uncontrolled and unmonitored content around them, Magicflix could be for you. It provides an environment where many of those teaching and learning videos can be accessed but the unpleasant comments and unsuitable videos cannot.

Every video accessible in this app has been curated to place it within a category, for easy searching, and to ensure that it is actually what it appears to be. If a video appears in, for example the maths category, then you can be sure that it is both suitable for children and is a maths video. All of the social elements that surround videos in more generic video apps are absent here to minimise distraction and to keep it child friendly.

The app fulfils a genuine need and, from a thorough inspection, curates its videos as thoroughly as promised. Of course, this would count for little if the app was difficult to use for children but fortunately it is well designed and easily to navigate. The majority of its user interface is icon and picture based so that a child’s literacy level need have no limitation on their learning from videos. Subjects are easily scrolled through and children can maintain a personal list of favourite videos for future access.

This app is not a content control app. It won’t prevent access to online videos through the web browser or through other apps on your device. What it is, though, is a way of providing a safe window into online videos for your children. Through supervision or other controls you can restrict the unfettered access of video on your tablet and then with this app provide a means to access safe and useful video content for your children. The app is not entirely locked down either. Parents, having identified a safe video that is not part of the curated content, can mark it as safe to use within their child’s app.

You should also keep in mind that this app curates the video; it does not produce them. As such, some of them can feel a little out of context but no more than they would when accessed from a web site. In fact, having them raised out of the masses makes it easier for you to become aware of what program they are part of and appraise its suitability for your child. As the app has licensed its content from some high quality producers you could find a real gem of a series of videos and its supporting material this way.

Magicflix does its job very well. It gives parents piece of mind and children the freedom to explore online videos in aid of their education. This is a freedom that they may not have without it as other methods of controlling children’s access to online videos tend to be an all or nothing solution.

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Safe curated age-appropriate videos for young kids 12 and under, with a blend of fun and education. Magicflix delivers worry free parenting and delighted kids. All free for a limited time! Hours of endless entertainment for kids with positive messaging!

We have 1000+ videos and many channels!
- Science and Math are fun on Magicflix! Choose from Sick Science’s cool experiments, NASA’s eClips for kids and the Digits – a live action Math Rock band.
- Journey to the zoo with Kinderzoo's captivating animal videos
- Inspire your child with Ted Talks for youth and Kidsenz’ News for kids.
- Hum along with Erik Herman, Recess Monkey, Rocknoceres, Randy Kaplan and others.
- Animals, Phonics, Spanish, History videos and more!

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