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Magic Spell - ABC

  • Android, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 2+

About Magic Spell - ABC

Covering all 26 letters of the alphabet from A to Z, each one represented by a unique character illustration and exceptional phonic sounds, Magic Spell-ABC provides an exciting interaction with 26 animated characters that kindle kids’ imagination. Bringing a fun, rewarding and delightful experience through dynamic role-playing, Magic Spell-ABC encourages kids to easily explore the magical world of ABC with family and friends.

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Android, iPhone




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  • Magic Spell - ABCMagic Spell - ABCMagic Spell - ABCMagic Spell - ABCMagic Spell - ABC


Explore the space as an astronaut or fly away on a broomstick in our magical world of ABC.
With our creative illustrations and engaging sounds, kids can enjoy the fantastic adventure of role-playing by easily combining their face with 26 different characters that represent each letter of the alphabet.

From role-playing to creating videos, Magic Spell-ABC lets kids have fun, make memories and even share their creative experience with family and friends.


  • An interactive role-playing game that will spark your child’s imagination.
  • Visually delightful with outstanding colors and unique illustrations.
  • A great way to learn the alphabet with 26 illustrated characters inspired by kids’ favorite things.
  • Incredibly engaging with exciting animations.
  • Exceptional phonic sounds for a fun and easy learning experience.
  • Easily create photos and videos to share with family and friends.
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