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About Magic Piano by Smule

Magic Piano is a music-playing app that allows the students to learn the fundamentals of playing a piano. Users can learn fine motor skills and rhythm by tapping the screen to recreate the melodies and chords of popular songs. Magic Piano is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Magic Piano by Smule Review

Magic Piano is a musical game in which it is very simple to interpret some of the most famoust songs of history. Magic Piano allows users to follow along with a variety of music from their favorite pop songs to classical masterpieces, and is so fun they don't even realize their are learning about music while they play.

Magic Piano app is free on iTunes and Google Play, but you can purchase additional songs via in-app purchases, so you may want to disable this feature before sharing with your toddler.


Magic Piano comes with a very beautiful design that’s certainly attractive. Also, it comes with a very instinctive and interactive means of learning the piano.

Based on the difficulty you select, you’d have to complete a song by tapping on the correct dots that flash through the screen. All these dots can be lengthy or short based on your song’s complexity.

There’re so many songs on this app to play which could cheaply lead to selection headache. And there’re also numerous instruments you can play with on this app. You also have the opportunity of being creative and make up your own songs at your own pace. This app remains so user-friendly and makes sure you get great at the piano in record time!

Music teachers, directors, accompanists, and tutors can show students what a real piano score looks like, and teach them to read notes and rhythms. Sheet music for great classics and beginner's songs are also available in the app for the users to try it out.

The users can listen in other player's performance and even arrange duet with random players from around the world. The students can earn achievements and badges for completing the levels.


  • Create your own songs
  • Lots of instrument available
  • Huge number of songs available
  • Different difficulty levels available
  • Game mode available


  • Doesn’t support a regular keyboard format

Looking for the best app to enjoy your piano experience is no easy task. But when you make use of Magic Piano, you’d have an easy path to becoming a pro pianist comfortably. 

Magic Piano is a very fun application by which you can get to play in a way identical to playing the piano to relax.

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