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Lumosity Review

Lumosity app is one of the best brain game apps available for iOS and Android. Lumosity focuses on training your memory, making decisions and paying attention to details. The memory exercises are quick yet challenging at the same time. The activities in Lumosity Brain Trainer were designed by top neuroscientists to improve players' Brain Performance Index (BPI). The simple games tap into cognitive processes like speed, attention, memory, flexibility, and problem solving.

Lumosity is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

Lumosity Features

  • Personalized training program for you based on your initial assessment results.
  • Provides detailed insights into your performance history across different cognitive areas.
  • Practice mindfulness exercises to relax and reduce stress.

Screenshots of Lumosity

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How much does Lumosity cost?

You can use Lumosity for free with a basic membership, but you only get limited games. If you want to play all the games and use all the features, you need to buy Lumosity Premium. It costs $59.99 a year, or you can pay $11.99 each month. Remember, the Premium membership renews automatically.

There is an additional option to purchase a family plan, such that 5 accounts may be used at one time for $8.33 per month. Lumosity often has promotions and discounts available. Prior to purchasing a subscription, individuals can try out a limited number of Lumosity exercises at no cost.

Is it good for learning?

Lumosity makes it easy for you to create and stick to a personalized brain training plan. This includes a survey to figure out what your brain needs, regular online tests to check your abilities, keeping track of what you're good at and where you can improve, and a schedule with reminders for your training sessions along with updates on your progress.

The Pros of using Lumosity

  • Using the app brings great joy, emphasizing a positive emotional impact.
  • High satisfaction with both the website and mobile app.

The Cons of using Lumosity

  • Getting better at tasks in the online program might not necessarily mean you'll do better in everyday situations.
  • Compared to similar programs online, Lumosity may not provide as many chances to improve skills in a structured way.

What does Lumosity app do?

Lumosity (Android, iOS) combines proven cognitive science techniques from the Human Cognition Project with a gamified approach to provide users with brain-training mini-games that are fun and effective at exercising your mental muscles. Users create a Lumosity account and then select particular mental faculties they want to exercise.

Lumosity then creates customized daily exercise routines with mini-games built around those particular skills. The app tracks your scores, with the difficulty level of games adjusting to your performance, ensuring that you're always challenged. Free users can access a set of daily exercises, while subscribers gain access to a wider variety of exercises and more features.

You can use this brain training app on the go by downloading the Lumosity app in the Apple App Store for iOS devices or in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

How does Lumosity app work?

Lumosity prides itself on having manipulated science into the format of fun little games, each one designed to test and improve certain cerebral functions. Currently, over 100 million users across 182 countries are using the Lumosity app.

Lumosity’s games have been created with the help of more than 100 researchers from around the world. Furthermore, their website cites a study of more than 4,700 adults that found that brain training with Lumosity improved cognition more than crosswords.

Lumosity currently works with qualified independent scientists and researchers from over 40 different universities, in order to further their goal of understanding human cognition. In fact, Lumosity has developed its own Human Cognition Project (HCP), which is its online collaborative research platform. Through the HCP, researchers have access to all tasks and training games, as well as performance data.

To start yourself out in Lumosity, their Fit Test will try out your cognitive skills with three games. Once they have your scores and are able to assess your levels, they’ll know what areas need the most work and training, which will enable them to create a tailored brain workout plan. These daily workout games will engage the five main cognitive areas, and as you improve, so will the games adapt to your skill level and get more challenging.

As well as this, Lumosity provides the user with insights into how their brain training is going, showing the areas of their strengths and weaknesses. This ongoing analysis of the user will continuously affect and shape their daily workout plan, allowing for responsive training that will target the user’s weaker areas.

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Download Lumosity

You can download Lumosity on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Lumosity app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Download Lumosityfor Android Download Lumosityfor iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Lumosity or Elevate?

While Elevate has fewer users than Lumosity, the app consists of more than 40 minigames designed to boost math and speaking skills, as well as improve memory, attention, and processing speed.

Final Verdict: Lumosity Review

Lumosity is an app that could easily appeal to both children and adults. Many of the games – such as Highway Hazards, a driving game that involves moving left or right to avoid road hazards – have a child-like appeal. 

While information-based apps help you fill your brain with new knowledge, Lumosity helps you feel like you’re actually expanding your brain’s boundaries in ways that will make daily life easier.

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