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Lulu in the Amazon

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Teacher Overview

This app is a book that shows Lulu’s trip through the forest alongside the Amazon River.  As well as the story there are a number of interactive elements to help engage children with the app.  Working through this story will show children the features of an entirely different part of the world.

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Developer Description

Alongside the two globetrotters, he travels up the Amazon by boat, she takes her first steps in the rainforest, they meet strange new animals...There’s no end to the interactive surprises that enliven the characters’ story, from page to page and from click to click.


  • Finding their way around with a handy explorer’s map.
  • Playing five games that combine dexterity, thinking, quickness…and humor.
  • Gathering souvenirs in a suitcase, which will be used in the final game.
  • Looking for Piou-Piou, the green bird who’s hiding in every corner.
  • Singing a pretty new song.
  • Easy, intuitive interface
  • 20 interactive and animated pages
  • Translated and narrated in two languages, French and English.
  • Beautifully illustrated with realistic sound effects and the voices of professional actors
  • Filled with fun and laughter
  • 30 minutes of enjoyment, and your child will want to read it again and again.
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