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About Lucid

Lucid is an app that has elegant images to communicate key ideas and aid in maintaining concentration to help you easily comprehend complicated concepts. 

Lucid Review

Lucidchart is a presentation app that allows users to visually collaborate on drawing, revising and sharing charts and diagram.

It takes arduous quizzes every day to help you remember what you've learnt. Save and revisit the insights and images that are most important to you. In short bursts throughout the day, finish a chapter in no more than two minutes.

What do we like about the Lucid App?

With attractive images that crystallise important concepts and aid in maintaining focus, Lucid helps you comprehend complex topics fast.

What skills does it improve?

Learn the fundamentals of subjects including psychology, philosophy, history, finance, leadership, business, technology, and more.

What age is it appropriate for?

The lucid app is appropriate for ages above 16 and is free to download on all ios devices. 

Is Lucid App free?

The lucid app is free to try. 

Is Lucid App easy to use?

A visual approach is intended to assist you in memorising important topics. Additionally, it is simple to save and review the concepts that are important to you.

How will students benefit?

Lucid: Learn Visually offers crib notes and straightforward representative graphics summarising a wide range of non-fiction works. Students can learn various skills with Lucid. There are books on many different subjects, including psychology, economics, history, and science and technology.

How will parents benefit?

Parents should be aware that the subscription-based library. Although the app wasn't made for children, teens might find the books' reduced versions to be appealing. Users must first respond to a series of inquiries about their interests in order to help tailor what appears most prominently in the library. The app frequently invites users to use the sharing features on their devices to distribute material to others. 

What can Lucid App improve on?

There is a free trial available, but to access it, you must subscribe.

How much does Lucid App cost?

Lucid app cost $50 for a subscription. 

Final thoughts

Your name, age range, interest areas, and prior reading experience are all requested by LUCID: LEARN VISUALLY. Afterwards, register for a membership to have access to the library. Explore categories like Most Popular, Personal Development, Business, Social Issues, or Health & Wellness as you swipe left or right to browse suggested titles. 

To begin reading, click on a book's title. A brief summary of the key principle is presented on each page, along with a vibrant graphic that illustrates the topic. Every few pages, a vital topic is displayed, or a save or share button is provided. Each chapter concludes with a brief fill-in-the-blank test. Conserve your favourite books in your library or gather the most important insights from a number of books for later access via the insights tab.

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iPad, iPhone




Organisational and Productivity Skills
Academic Relevance


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No


Polywise, Inc.

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