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About Loquiz

Loquiz is an app that enables the user to create team games using its unique platform. Suitable for professionals this application can create games for any occasion, anywhere. Created on the website the games can be indoor quizzes, outdoor quizzes, outdoors games, and much more. This application is ideal for teachers and schools who wish to create a cool location-based game.

This application is free from in-app adverts and provides some subscriptions for a single teacher charged annually, a small school charged annually and the 'pay as you go' feature for intermittent users. The application is available for Apple iOS and Android devices for both mobile and tablet formats. The app is supported by a developer’s website that includes the user's platform for creating new games. It is noted that for this review we will be using a trial version of the platform which has some limitations.

Loquiz Review

To make full use of the application the user is required to sign up for a Loquiz account where details are entered such as name, email, company/organisation and how the application might be used (please read the terms and use and privacy policy). Once this is completed a verification email is sent to the user's email address. It is noted that a password will need to be created once the account has been verified.

It is noted that the mobile application supports the working computer platform. Nothing will appear on the application until a game has been set up on the computer platform.

The home dashboard screen comprises several different starting options. There are links to the mobile application, an online video tutorial via Youtube as well as account settings and the ability to change the level of subscription. Other menus include:

‘My Games’ - A list of games that have been created with the ability to sort and edit.

‘Help’ - This help panel appears at the side of the dashboard and has several helpful articles along with a search feature.

‘Templates’ - This area provides access to free and paid game templates. The templates are supported with a description, pictures and instructor notes. The user has the option to play the game.

‘Tasks’ - This menu tells the user all of the tasks that are available to use in the games. There are over 400 tasks available for the user to copy and use in the creation of their games. These tasks can also be edited, translated and modified as needed.

To create a new game from scratch select the ‘Create a New Game’ icon. The user will need to create Tasks from the lists provided. Tasks can be selected by filtering from Collections, game contents, languages, creators, types, tags, location or via the search tool. Each filter has several different options such as the game type filter will display options such as augmented photos, multiple-choice, number, text and many more. Tasks can be selected and dragged to the left-hand window to create your game. Once the tasks have been created or selected the user needs to create the Rules. The Rules window is displayed on the right side of the screen along with Location rules (if needed) on the left-hand side. Each game rules have Actions that can be added such as 'show on map', 'show on the list' etc. Logic provides conditions for when actions are taken. Tasks display blocks created for each task and All tasks for the game. The third step for game creation is the ‘Configuration’. Here users can create titles, messages, languages, user names and passwords. Once the game is saved a QR code is displayed which can be used with the mobile phone application. A username and password can also be used to play the game. Once the game has been played the user can look at the results using the results page link which will display the questions, answers, standings, location answers, chat and much more. For the trial subscription, there is a 10 task limit to the game. 

Is the Loquiz app easy to use?

Loquiz is a versatile application with menu systems and features that are very easy to navigate. The application has a clean look to the interface and the graphics are user friendly. At no point does the screen look cluttered. The interface has lots of high-quality content, however, we did find the application difficult to use when creating our games. We recommend that you watch the youtube video tutorial before embarking on any complex game building. Alternatively, use and edit the game templates provided.

How will teachers benefit?

There are certainly lessons in here that are relevant to teachers, classroom situations and scenarios. Teachers could certainly create games that are relevant to the classroom, subject and syllabus content. Teachers can use the platform to teach computer programming and game design. Games can promote learning as well as classroom competition using the results data.

How will the user benefit?

Users will find the application stimulating, creative and challenging. Using the templates is a good starting point for most users and will find enough content to satisfy most tasks and gameplay strategies. The more the users experience the application the better they will become at game programming and experimentation.

What we love about the Loquiz app

This application delivers on many levels and we particularly enjoyed the following: 

The application has a clean and uncluttered layout and some great graphics. We particularly like applications to help guide and the youtube video for getting started. We suggest that this is watched by new users.

The selection of ‘Templates’ is vast and rewarding. There is a starting point for everyone including free and paid templates. This area was also useful for inspiring ideas for my games.

The application has an incredible amount of versatility and the ability to share games and tasks globally which we love. Being able to use templates, pre-made tasks will certainly save the user lots of time.

The mobile phone application comes into its own when the user scans or signs into their game. Some of the template games we played were of extreme quality.

The home dashboard is really easy to navigate. The screens are clear and uncluttered with simple buttons and icons.

What the Loquiz app could improve on

This application delivers on many levels but we thought the developers could improve on the following:

When first using the mobile app version the application displays very little information until games are created. It almost feels as if the app is not working due to the lack of content. Maybe a message could appear here to reassure the user?

We noted that the QR code on the home dashboard does not open a game in the mobile application.

Although the developers have created a very powerful tool for creating games the logic beyond the application is questionable. Each game is incredibly hard to set up, create and very time-consuming. We simply wonder whether users will stick with it. However, this is where the user would probably use the pre-populated templates.

We are unsure what age groups would be using this application? If this was directed at schools we believe that some students would struggle with the complex menus and programming.

How much does the Loquiz app cost?

Loquiz is a paid application with subscriptions for a single teacher charged annually, a small school charged annually and a 'pay as you go' feature for intermittent users.

Is the Loquiz safe to use?

Yes, the application is safe to use, however, the application does require an email account and access to some mobile tools such as location services, notifications, albums etc when playing games.

Overall Rating of the application

Loquiz is a good application that provides an array of content and tools that will enable users to create exciting mobile and online games for several different audiences. The application comes with an easy to use interface, public sharing forum and step by step tutorials. The Loquiz application is recommended by The Educational Appstore.

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