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Loopy Lost His Lettuce

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We gave the app a 4 stars EAS Rating because we were impressed with the original graphics, the interesting story which is age  appropriate and the way it interacts with children. It offers examples of teamwork, friendship and can help develop their motor skills and early reading practice. 

Teacher Review

If you are looking for an app with a bit more “texture” you’ll find Loopy Lost His Lettuce is really unique. The visuals are truly original and the handmade freeform crochet style used to create each object is very pleasing and colourful. It looks like a painting!
On starting the app the start screen appears where you can select Story or Games, you can click on the Loopy the snail which will start moving and finally select For Parents – tap into this and you’ll find unprotected links to see the credits and connect to Facebook and Twitter.
Loopy Lost His Lettuce is an interactive adventure story about a snail called Loopy who lost his favourite food. He departs on a journey to find his precious green lettuce and finds himself travelling through the seasons and meeting more colourful friends along the way.
As most of the storybooks, if you select Story, you are offered two modes to choose from: Read to Me and Read by Myself.  After tapping one of these you need to do yet another selection: Easy, Medium or Hard. At first glance it isn’t clear what the levels of difficulty refer to, is it the reading that can be easier or the game I’m going to play. There are quite a few reading steps until you actually start the game and pre-readers and early readers will need and adult’s guidance.
Going back at the start screen and choosing Games you will see a screen where you have presented 6 games to choose from. To choose a game you have to click on the game screenshots.  Some get lost in the background and might not be as easy to distinguish. Once you select a game you’re taken again to the screen where you have to choose Read to me or Read by Myself, than once more to choose the level...I think there are too many steps until you actually get to play the game. The 6 mini-games keep you engaged throughout the story and players can identify different characteristics of the seasons through the friends Loopy the snail encounters:
you get to help a Bee collecting pollen in the spring by tap & holding – hand eye coordination
collect baby butterflies by tapping for Momma Butterfly in the summer –  timed activity
help a Sneaky Squirrel to shake the trees and collect acorns in the autumn – risks are that younger children can drop their device by shaking and tilting
you need to find your way out a maze game- tilting
you rebuild the Snowman– tilting &dragging
you have to sort out snowflakes by matching them – memory game/cognitive development
The main difference in difficulty is the speed the objects move on the screen. Some of the games don’t have a time limit or are not   scored – that makes it difficult to measure improvement. Parts of the instructions will need to be explained to pre-readers even in the Read to me mode (actions like tilting, shaking) and we think older kids might quickly get bored with the simple challenges.
I found the sounds and the voice over clear and thought the narrating speed can help with developing and practising attention and listening skills. We liked the Australian accent of the female reader but there is no option of changing the voice. Ideally we would have liked an option that will allow parents to record their own voice and use the app as a tool for bedtime stories. The font and text size make it easy to practise early reading, but some can argue it can get lost in the vibrant background and doesn’t display properly all the time or make the screens look busy.
We think the app is visually unique and that the storyline will engage players. Toddlers will require assistance and might have troubles working the Menu as I think it would be difficult to use for pre-readers. The app is more entertaining than educational and will grasp children’s’ attention once they get used to it. It teaches them about teamwork, friendship and helps develop motor skills and early reading. We gave the app 4 stars EAS Rating, as it is well priced and kids will find it vibrant and interactive and to be honest visually is unlike anything we’ve seen so far.

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Developer Description

Loopy the snail lost his lettuce and needs your help to find it!

Join Loopy in this original adventure story as he searches for his lost lettuce. Follow him through the four seasons as he meets a wonderful range of colourful characters along the way.

Featuring 30 highly detailed interactive pages and 6 fun games. Loopy Lost His Lettuce is a positive and engaging story which is ideal for kids aged 2-6 but fun for all ages!

The art style of Loopy Lost His Lettuce is created in the original and colourful art technique called freeform crochet. All objects and creatures have been individually hand-made.

Bring smiles to your child! :)


* Fun and educational games to play throughout your adventure. Ideal for kids aged 2-6.

* 30 detailed pages of beautiful animation and interactive features to find on every page.

* Unique handmade crochet art style.

* Touch, tilt, shake and slide to find all the different interactive objects!

* Fully narrated with both “Read to me” and “Read by myself” options.

* Original story written with interactive features in mind.

* Multiple skill difficulties to cater for people of all ages (Easy, Medium and Hard).

* Delightfully original soundtrack.

Required minimum specifications of android device - 1.2Ghz, 1gb ram

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