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  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 5+

About Loopimal

Loopimal is a seriously fun app that allows kids (and adults alike) to explore sequences, loops, and music as they try to animate a bunch of cute animals. Children have endless opportunities to create rich compositions and explore loops and computer sequencing within an easy-to-use pre-programming framework. 

Teacher Review

Kids can learn about components of music such as beat, rhythm, melody, tempo, and so on. As they create patterns of up to eight musical blocks that repeat endlessly, kids experience visual and auditory loops and sequences. The animals' movements also help give a good sense of tempo and movement as it relates to music. Though all the musical options are pre-programmed, kids have enough autonomy in their creation to feel a sense of empowerment as well. If kids were able to save their creations, they also could learn through comparison. Overall, LOOPIMAL by YATATOY is an original, accessible take on programming blocks with a good beat you can dance to.

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iPad, iPhone



Creative Development


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Lucas Zanotto

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LOOPIMAL is a building kit of handcrafted animations and sounds. The best way for young kids to learn about making music!

The possibilities of creations and compositions are endless.
With an intuitive fun gesture they can create sequences for different animals.
The content is on melodic, rhythmic or movement bases.
There is no goal, no wrong or right, it’s a safe kit for creation.

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