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About LogicLike: Kids Learning App

LogicLike is a gamified learning platform for building thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills.  With more than 2,000 attractive, interactive and thought-provoking tasks, it has the potential to help your child establish the foundations for progress in multiple subjects.

Available as a web app or dedicated app on iOS or Android, LogicLike can work with whatever tech your kids use. It has content appropriate for kids from 4 to adult.

LogicLike: Kids Learning App Review

What is LogicLike app?

LogicLike is a gamified learning platform for building thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills. When apps grow and improve enough to warrant a new Educational App Store review, it shows a dedicated development team is behind the app. This is the case with LogicLike, already a five-star app, but one that has evolved enough for our expert reviewers to take another look.

Will LogicLike hold on to its five stars in this app review?  Read on to find out.

While LogicLike has content for all ages, we have concentrated on the content for preschool children in this review of the app. 

Players of LogicLike choose the tasks that interest them, so when they open LogicLike, either in the native app or as a web app, they can select the category and type of task that interests them at that time.

The tasks are either self-explanatory or assisted by spoken instruction. Kids then complete the activities using whatever interaction most suits the challenge.  In the end, their performance is logged by the app for their parents to view and kids have the chance to download a custom certificate.  As kids play, they can also unlock other achievements.

What we love about LogicLike app.

LogicLike was reviewed by the Educational App Store before, and it is fair to say that its five stars showed that it had already got the basics right.  With such a strong foundation, enhancing and expanding the content has led to an even better app that still maintains a consistent look and feel.

This unified look is important because it is conceivable that LogicLike could be a companion throughout childhood.  Parents who get LogicLike to give their kids a deeper-thinking alternative to games and videos won't have to worry about the time when kids outgrow it, as the app has suitable content through to and including adulthood.

LogicLike's visual appearance is spot on for what it does.  Just as the activities sit between entertainment and learning, so do the graphics.  It looks more game-like than many educational apps but still creates a feeling of engaging in something more meaningful.  For kids, the use of the app's characters gives the app an even more welcoming and engaging feel.

The app's stats, hero cards, certificates and rankings combine gamification incentives and effective information for parents.  The app does well to ensure that kids aren't demotivated by mistakes but still know when they have answered correctly or incorrectly.  If they accidentally click to advance a question without answering it, the app doesn't penalise them but reminds them what they need to do.  Wrong answers are given another chance.  If kids want to give up, they can, but they won't receive any stars for the puzzle.

There is a lot to like about LogicLike, from its great presentation to the wealth of content it contains that addresses diverse skills and knowledge.

What skills does it teach?

Thinking, mathematics, word,and creative skills are developed alongside more fact-based topics like animals, countries, technology and general trivia.  In terms of the skills that might be considered brain training, the app includes logic, spatial, pattern recognition, visualising, and memory activities.

What age is it appropriate for?

LogicLike has levels to suit kids from age 4. There are two apps available for download, one for kids aged 4 to 8 and another for kids through to adults.  LogicLike does have content that goes up to adult level, so it can be a family-wide educational experience.

Users of all ages can play via the LogicLike website.

Is LogicLike app easy to use?

LogicLike's challenge is in the right place—the puzzles, activities, and problems.  Getting to the puzzles is easy, and their requirements are explained well.

The app displays the user's progress in a clear to read format that players, parents, and teachers will easily understand.  This will help adults see how kids are using the app and ensure that kids are using it enough to learn and provide value for money.

How will students benefit?

Literacy levels should not be an obstacle to developing logic skills.  A child too young to read  or one who struggles with it can still develop problem-solving and thinking skills.  LogicLike recognises this by ensuring that its puzzles are voiced.

While the challenges within LogicLike are not all directly linked to typical curricula knowledge, the confidence, critical thinking, and willingness to persist that it develops will help kids in life, both at school and after.

How will parents benefit?

Kids usually want to play games on their devices, while parents want them to spend more time with educational apps. LogicLike provides a neat compromise as it straddles the line between play and education.

The activities don't feel like educational apps to kids as they take a more creative approach than curricula-linked app activities. LogicLike is also full of quick activities so that kids can jump into the app to fill idle moments when their parents can't provide their full attention.

Parents may also enjoy LogicLike's challenges for themselves and take out a subscription to the adult level of the app.

What can LogicLike app improve on?

There is some good information on the LogicLike website blog about the skills it helps its players develop, but we'd like to see a little more practical information. While the mobile apps display their subscription costs in advance, no equivalent was displayed for anybody intending to subscribe via the website. You have to create an account to get this information.

An FAQ would also be helpful to ensure that everybody knows the benefits and limitations of subscribing through the different platforms in terms of cross-device compatibility.

Good to know

LogicLike's developers recommend against kids playing the app too much, saying that 20 minutes per day is enough. This warning is understandable as kids often over-play new apps, which is fine for a game they can pick up again in a few weeks, but not so much for an app like LogicLike.

This app aims to help kids improve their thinking, logic, and problem-solving skills, which will occur more effectively with a little-and-often approach. As the app says, encourage kids to play, praise their success and support them when it gets tricky, but don't push them towards burnout.

How much does LogicLike app cost?

You can download the LogicLike apps for free or access the website on any device. A free three-day trial will let you and your kids try out the app's complete feature set and content.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

After the free trial of LogicLike has ended, each player that uses it will need a premium account through a subscription. Kids cannot share a premium account as their progress and achievements would conflict.

You can select and pay for subscriptions either through the apps or the LogicLike website. The options vary, with particularly good long-term value available through the web-based subscription with a lifetime access account.

If you do not choose to subscribe to LogicLike, your kids can still play it for a limited time each day.

Is LogicLike app safe to use?

LogicLike's parental lock in the app will not be strong enough to deter older kids as it only asks for the user to enter the answer to a simple arithmetic question.  However, the controls only protect such things as sound settings, language, and simple profile details, so this will not be an issue.

The web-based version does not lock the settings.

Users of all ages are given the option of sharing their achievements with friends via FaceBook.  Ideally, this would be an option that parents could turn off.

The app does not display advertisements during the trial period or when you have paid for a subscription.

Overall rating of the app.

LogicLike has improved and grown since its last Educational App Store five-star review, ensuring that it retains its place among the most highly rated educational apps.  LogicLike could prove to be a valuable companion to your child's school-based education, whatever age they are when you first try it.  And, with a three-day free trial compatible with pretty much every device, you should definitely try it. 

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