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About LogicLike: Brain Teaser Games

LogicLike app helps kids and adults develop thinking and problem-solving skills. It features over 2,500 riddles, puzzles, brainteasers, logic tasks, memory training games, and math problems. You can select different difficulty levels in every age group. No matter where you start, the game will help you gradually increase your skills to get to the next level. The app has leader boards to motivate the most competitive learners and it makes brain training engaging. Become smarter, have fun, and enjoy the LogicLike challenge! Available on Apple and Android devices.

LogicLike: Brain Teaser Games Review

What we love about the LogicLike app

What we liked about LogicLike Brain Games was the speed and ease with which we were straight into the puzzles. This however does not mean that everything is simple, far from it, the tasks are laid out logically and progressively to build on existing knowledge. The variety of tasks is impressive and spans across logic, spatial, mathematical riddles, pattern recognition, scaling and memory improvement games. All these tasks are delivered with a simple but effective style of graphics and the questions are spoken as well as written for ease of use.

The logic game also appealed because of the scoring and leaderboard system. The general leaderboard catered for a worldwide audience, the localised system was an excellent idea and could quite easily be used by family groups if they feel sufficiently competitive. The certificate system is a tried and tested useful way to encourage and confirm progress and ability coupled with the on-call Professor the learning systems are properly and sensibly structured to ensure stickability.

What skills does it improve?

The LogicLike Brain Games is perfect for dipping into every day, but not for too long and the developer suggests a ten-minute blast. Suitable for all ages the LogicLike app differentiates from the beginning at which level and age the user should start from. This type of game has a large evidence base of research that indicates it should be played in the later part of your life to stave off dementia, so I will certainly be playing it more often.

What age is it appropriate for?

The benefits of the LogicLike app are numerous and have already been touched on in the previous paragraph. But for children, a clearly structured, fun way of checking for different types of intelligence is always important and will serve as a foundation for academic progress throughout their career at school.

Is the LogicLike app easy to use?

The ongoing pandemic has, if anything, hastened the process of identifying educational models that can target and deliver the fundamentals of a curriculum. Educational technology has been growing for many years and has moved from simple models of copying the traditional pedagogy to highly sophisticated tracking of progress and delivering rich diversity of interesting tasks to engage learners.

LogicLike is a prime example of where the ‘blended’ learning of the future should be moving towards. This brain game app has a sensible marriage between the standard structures of a gaming app, leaderboard and progressively harder levels with the structure of a maths and logic curriculum. With a well-rounded team of professional developers and the new tasks added every month this software house is one to watch for the future.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit from a highly structured system that maintains their interest with a selection of gamification processes, the leaderboard, level competences, certificates together with battery levels.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will most certainly benefit from assigning their teaching groups and watching them progress, enabling them to intervene when students are struggling with particular concepts or tasks.

How will parents benefit?

Parents will benefit from their children being engaged in a well-structured and entertaining educational app that can engage some of the reluctant learners who are taught in a more didactic way at school and cannot perhaps see the sense of the subject matter.

What LogicLike app can improve on

We thought LogicLike Brain Games could be improved and as the market develops this will be a continuous process. As with any resources for teaching a good teacher will always go the extra mile to find different but relevant contexts. Real-world examples are by their nature context-specific but they can be powerful learning aids. Any new developments in augmented reality have so far been met with mixed reviews but this is certainly an area for this developer to look at to enhance the context and relevance of the tasks.

How much does the LogicLike app cost?

Free to play with different subscription options and in-app purchases available. Prices for in-app-purchases start from $4.99, subscription plans start from $5.99.

What is included with the free version vs. paid

You can enjoy the game and develop skills at no cost. However, the number of free tasks per day is limited. So if you're looking to play without any limits and get all premium features, it's best to consider a subscription. You might like a lifetime option, check it out.

Is the LogicLike app safe to use?

The LogicLike app is compliant with several recognised standards to mark that it safe for children to use and adequately protects the data that it holds.

Overall rating of the app

We generally loved the application and my children, grandchildren, and wife will be continuing to play this for some time!

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