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This app brings together a series of logical puzzles designed to keep you engaged for hours on end.  Upon opening the app, users are able to start playing, choose their level or learn how to play.  The puzzles, which are well written and involve serious thinking, are split into six different levels, with various stories and levels of difficulty.  However, for those who have not encountered such logic problems before, it is strongly recommended to invest some initial time to learn how to solve these style puzzles.  This can be done through the initial guide found in the help section, which includes a step-by-step guide and also a link to a helpful YouTube video, or by attempting a puzzle, following the hints given and checking for errors while progressing.

When starting a puzzle users can simply work through and check their results at the end, however, unlike paper based puzzles, they have the several support structures too: they can check their results throughout the game with incorrect answers highlighted; they can click the hint feature (requires a WiFi connection) which either displays a logical connection or searches for the next step based on how much of the puzzle has been completed so far; they can open a notepad and view the questions whilst making notes; and the app also has the option to trace back steps with the undo function.  It should also be noted that when selecting squares, users can either cross out a square or select a square which automatically crosses out all other options.  Once a puzzle has been completed the time taken and the hints used are displayed.  This is shown on a scale between casual and expert, giving an indication of how competently the user has completed the puzzle. 

Logical reasoning is mentioned in KS1, 2 and 3 of the new national curriculum, however, the worded questions and deduction skills are perhaps more suited to children with higher reading ability and those who have already developed some logical reasoning.  The addition of a print feature, enabling puzzles and solutions to be printed, would be a nice addition to this app as it would also allow teachers to utilise the app features as a resource in the classroom.

Overall, a great app for those who love problem solving, which will keep the user engaged and thinking for hours on end.  

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From the Developer

Learn Logic Problems with 100 puzzles of all sizes. Work your way up from levels 1 to 6, from beginner to master! From the publisher of the highest rated logic puzzles, this version is designed for the educational market with no in-app-purchase. As always, there are no ads.

Decode written clues & fill in the grid to solve each puzzle. Smart Hints look at your solution so far and explain how to fill in another cell (internet access required). There is multi-level Undo and the Auto-X features. These make it easier and quicker to focus on the logic! If you're completely stuck, you have the ability to check the grid for errors. Keep short notes along with the puzzle to help make your way to the solution.

Puzzles are grouped in sets of five with a shared background story. Each group has a range of puzzles that get progressively harder. Each puzzle includes statistics for its average completion time. See how your time compares!

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