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  • LiveBible - free BibleLiveBible - free BibleLiveBible - free BibleLiveBible - free Bible


LiveBible supports the most modern translations for both online/offline viewing with audio Bible reader.

º Free access to 60+ bibles, including modern translations:
English: NASB(*), AMP, ESV, KJV, NIV, NLT, MSG
Spanish: NBLH(*) NVI, RVA, RVR, DHH
º (*) If you enjoy NASB (English), LBLA, NBLH (Spanish), we make it easier now for you to download directly from our software.
º It's FREE. No payment required to try and read your favorite bible. See *Quick Help* instructions below to access free download.
º LiveBible stores your browsing history on SD card. SD card is required for offline mode.
º Online/Offline (no data connection). Turn on Wi-Fi (when available) to connect and download bible to read offline.
º Supports Words of Jesus (red-letter) for many translations
New International Version
New International Version 1984
New American Standard Bible
New King James Version
English Standard Version
New Living Translation
º Create personal note. Share your note to friends by email, facebook, SMS.
º Search the bible for a reference based on context search or a single keyword.
º Keep in touch with your local church RSS feed
º Follow ESV: Daily reading or listen to sermons, listen to audio feed
º Use built-in Audio player to listen to podcast

Interface: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Korean, Russian

Italian: CEI,CEI2008,LND,RB,NR1994,NR2006

Additional translations in:
Portuguese, Chinese, Creole, Russian,
Ukrainian, Hungarian, Dutch, Philippines, Hebrew, Latin

Recently added translations:
º English Revised Version
º La Biblia de las Americas
º Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana de Hoy
º CEI2008 (Italian)

**Quick Help**
In *Passage Lookup* screen: change language, book and verse selection and read right away. Select *Update Mode* to download multiple chapters and even whole bible.

>>INTERNET : Requires internet access to download bible
>>ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Checks that internet is available
>>WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Stores bibles to SD card for offline viewing. Bible can be big. Not being stored on internal memory.
>>WAKE_LOCK : Prevent phone from sleeping. Used to prevent phone from sleeping while playing audio.
>>RECORD_AUDIO : Need this permission to record audio note, Church Service or even Tape Dubbing feature>>LiveBible does not collect and/or store any information about you. Or access phone properties and contacts.

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