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Little Robot Shapes and Colors

Shapes and Colors Toddler Game

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About Little Robot Shapes and Colors

Little Robot Shapes and Colors is a beautifully designed collection of games designed to help young children develop shape and colour matching skills.  It provides an unpressured environment and a calm play experience that children will enjoy using to learn.

Teacher Review

Some of the most common traditional learning toys for young children teach about shapes and colours.  Placing shapes into the correctly sized spaces or matching similarly coloured items are excellent activities for developing skills in categorisation and spatial awareness.  Little Robot Shapes and Colors is an app that offers an on-screen experience that provides similarly fun play-based learning.

There are eight stress-free mini-games to play in this app.  In them, time limits do not rush children nor limited lives curtail their enjoyment of learning.  Mistaken choices are reset but not punished.  App developers often forget that traditional toys for young learners work in just this freeform way, feeling instead that on electronic devices, competitive gaming elements are compulsory.  Children playing the games in this app can just experiment and play without worrying about 'winning', and all of the time they will be developing key skills.

Each game has a clear purpose in its design with each matching the skills that young children need to develop in the subjects covered by the app.  They encourage children to think about colours and shapes.  Once they have played all of the games, children will have matched and manipulated nine different shapes and seven different colours. 

Each game uses a drag-and-drop mechanic but the way that the challenges are posed and how they are animated adds variation and thought-provoking aspects to the experience.    In some of the mini-games, either shapes or colours must be matched while in others both must be taken into account. Further variety and challenge are provided in games where the shapes are rotated from their usual orientation. 

While the app does not provide any direct guidance to playing each game, with just a little experimentation it is easy for children to understand what they are supposed to do.  This is an effective way to introduce the games as, without any cost of making a mistake, children can learn by observing what works and what does not.

Everything about this app's presentation shows an attention to detail and polish that is often missing in other apps.  Other apps use fireworks to celebrate the player's accomplishment, but they are damp squibs in comparison to the display shown here.  Some apps use high-quality graphics and sounds but forget to ensure they work well with each other as well as the app's themes.  The robot-like ambience sounds and the clean sci-fi graphics perfectly complement each other in Little Robot Shapes and Colors.

This is a great self-contained app that has no subscription required nor any advertisements.  Its varied games will be played over and over again to see the cute robots and hear the beeps and whirs of their world.  Children can play it by themselves or with a supportive adult who can prompt further thinking and discussion about the activity being played.  You may have seen many other mini-game-based apps but this is of a quality, design, and usefulness that puts it into the top tier of this kind of app.

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  • Little Robot Shapes and ColorsLittle Robot Shapes and ColorsLittle Robot Shapes and ColorsLittle Robot Shapes and ColorsLittle Robot Shapes and ColorsLittle Robot Shapes and ColorsLittle Robot Shapes and ColorsLittle Robot Shapes and ColorsLittle Robot Shapes and Colors


Created by a mom with the goal of providing high quality educational content for children, Little Robot Shapes and Colors includes eight kids learning games focused on shape and color matching.

Learning to categorize and sort different shapes and colors is a key milestone in children's early learning. Sorting games allow children to practice this foundational skill and prepares them for learning more advanced symbol recognition including letters and numbers.

In eight beautifully designed mini games, children have the opportunity to build adorable robots by helping to match each robot with its missing parts. Robot parts come in all different shapes and colors allowing children to practice their shape and color categorization skills. Your toddler or preschool age child will love to watch the robots jump for joy, blast off into space, or fly through the air after completing each level.

With eight mini games to choose from, Little Robot Shapes and Colors covers nine shapes as well as the seven primary and secondary colors on the color wheel. The shapes include circle, square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, star, trapezoid, and rhombus. The colors include the primary colors red, yellow, and blue, and the secondary colors green, purple, and orange as well as pink.

A detailed description of each educational mini game is below:

1. Blue Bot Shape Factory: Help nine blue robots find the missing parts for their tummies in this fun robot shape factory. This educational puzzle game has three levels and includes all nine basic shapes listed above.

2. Rainbow Bot Space Station: Spinning through outer space, these rainbow robots need help finding the circular parts for their tummies. This educational game focuses on color matching and includes all eight primary and secondary colors.

3. Baby Bot Spaceship Launch: Help nine baby robots get into their spaceships so they can blast off and fly through outer space. Learn colors in this educational game while watching these cute baby robots take a trip to the stars.

4. Baby Bot Space Capsules: Help twelve baby robots get into the right space capsules so they can fly through outer space in this colorful space factory puzzle game.

5. Baby Bot Rainbow Satellites: Help nine baby robots take a ride on a satellite and blast into orbit. Learn to sort colors by matching each baby robot with a satellite of the same color.

6. Rainbow Bot Flying Saucers: Nine robots need help to fix their broken flying saucers. Drag the matching parts to the flying saucers by matching both shape and color.

7. Rainbow Bot Factory: Twenty-one robots need help finding the missing parts for their tummies. With a full rainbow on each of the three levels, this mini game requires players to select from primary and secondary colors to help robots find their missing parts.

8. Yellow Robot Planet: Eight yellow robots whirl through space on a rotating planet. Help each robot find its missing tummy part by matching the correct yellow shape to the correct yellow robot. The rotating planet adds extra challenge.

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We hope you enjoy our game!

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