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Little Miss Inventor Coding

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Teacher Overview

Little Miss Inventor Coding is an app based on Little Miss Inventor book where kids can practice their coding logic skills (i.e. creating a series of clear steps to an end goal), as well as their debugging skills. 

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Developer Description

In this STEM pre-coding game for kids, Little Miss Inventor loves inventing, and her most recent invention is a smart robot that she wants to program to do work for her in the garden. Can you help Little Miss Inventor program the robot?

Little Miss Inventor is the exciting new character from the brand that has brought us over thirty years of multigenerational delight. Using pre-coding concepts children craft instructions that guide the robot to completing forty levels of gardening tasks. Bolster engineering minds through play!

Each level has its own goal ranging from moving the robot from “A” to “B” to instructing the robot to water several plants in a row. As players progress, they will learn how to program their robot to move, how it can perform functions and loops and even how to debug existing “code.”

A perfect game for children ages 4 - 9 years old that will develop their coding skills and challenge while entertaining.

Download the game and enjoy enlivened play that will elevate and educate.

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  • Simple to understand gameplay
  • Multiple levels of advancing outcomes
  • Develop sequencing, problem solving and logic
  • Offers coding concepts and foundational skills
  • Features Little Miss Inventor and her friends
  • Outstanding graphics and audio
  • Includes hints, guides


Little Miss Inventor has 40 levels of pre-coding exploration and includes rewards and replayability. Within each level, kids make advancement in learning and understanding.

1-10 - Focuses on movement, navigation, and actions.

11-20 - Focuses on functions, which are broken up by actions or movements.

21-30 - Focuses on automation of movement and kids are introduced to creating multiple loops.

31-40 - Focuses debugging loops and functions.

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