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About Little Math Adventure

A visually very stimulating Maths app that guides the user through a Hobbit like Shire. The user guides their character around the Shire until they comes across scary characters and engage them in battle by answering a maths challenge. When the user beats the scary characters they get bonus points. After the scary character is slain they gather the gems. These add up until they can power up to another level. They user also has to collect life enriching mushrooms in order to have enough energy in order to continue their quest. After the first free level is completed the user is offered the option to continue with their maths quest through a password protected in app purchase. This is a very neat way of allowing users to see if they like the app before they commit to buying it. The background music is very calming and adds to the natural look and feel of the app.  My six year old is going to love this!

Little Math Adventure Review

A wonderfully well thought out visually stimulating, rewarding and addictive app (I just had to complete all the levels!) that I know my six year old daughter will just love! It takes primary age 6 to 8 year olds through a wondrous land of mathematical challenges engaging scary wasps, spiders and other characters. They must smight theses characters buy successfully answering maths challenges and collect the gems. When a certain number of gems are collected they are offered a power up to the next level. In the next levels the questions develops the students understanding of number, number progression and sequences. If the user gets the answers correct the questions ramp up to a harder level. This is hardly noticeable to the user, but is extremely useful in order to differentiate for different ability levels.The user cannot jump to the top level without first completing the lower levels first. The use of background music is both soothing and adds to the tension when in the battle scenes. If the user gets a question wrong they lose life energy points. Some of the scary characters are stronger than others and the user needs to get more questions correct in order to beat the scary character. The users gets more gems when the stronger characters are slain. As the user goes through the levels they must gather more gems than the previous level and the difficulty increases. It is so addictive even I had to complete all of the levels to satisfy my curiosity. A very visually rewarding app that engrosses the user in the world of maths and epic fantasy. I can’t recommend this app highly enough.

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Mogens Hvidtfeldt

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