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Little Lost Note

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Teacher Overview

Read along with the interactive appbook as the Little Lost Note finds her way home. Play with the instruments, knowledge of alliteration and interact with the characters all whilst developing your child’s reading skills. 

Teacher Review

Little Lost Note is a story about finding ones place and how others may be helpful in journey. The prominent theme of teaching kids not only to read but also a thoughtful lesson is embedded into the appbook so parents can ensure children are not only learning but processing and retaining important lessons required for child development.

The story begins on the touch of the home screen which is simple with the use of soft pastel colours, the reader has the option to read themselves or have a female narrator guide them through the story. Through the younger age of child development and learning to read this is a beneficial tool which will enable children to pronounce whole words, read full sentences and even increase their pace of reading, all of which are important aspects of development in reading and identification of the pronunciation of words.

Each part of the story has an interactive background and characters which represent that part of the story; although the amount of interaction and response is minimal children will be able to grow flowers, make characters move by simply touching the screen! A nightlight mode is available in the top left corner in the aim of conversion to a ‘bedtime story’. This loads up a new voice over, automatically turns the pages, dims the screen and also says goodnight to the child at the end. However, the story runs through twice before it ends and the narrator says goodnight. There is currently no option to change this and something developers may want to consider in future versions, as the child may not want to hear the same story twice. The implementation of this is based on sound-scape research when reading kids to sleep.

A consistency of pastel colours is used throughout the app with a simple 2D construction of the storyboards making it visually appealing for children. The Little Note comes across different instruments where children are able to learn the different sounds for example the ‘trumpet’ was ‘tooting a tuneful tune’ through the use of simple yet catchy alliteration. This will enable children to retain the information which they are reading much more easily as it is extremely catchy. It will also enable them to learn the names of the instruments as they will be able to associate a ‘tuneful tune’ with a trumpet consecutively the repetition of the ‘t’ will enable the child to remember the word ‘trumpet’ as well as the noise it makes.

To interact with each instrument the child can click on the instrument in the picture and it will enable them to play with it. With genuine sounds that the instruments make children will learn to identify the different instruments and the varying level of pitch they can make. For example, when playing with the piano the child will learn how the pitch of the sound will increase as you go from left to right as it goes from deep to a high. Again, this is again enabling the child not only to learn and develop their reading skills but also their identification skills of objects and sounds they will encounter in everyday life. However, in regards to this there is nothing on the app which indicates to the child that they have the opportunity to interact with the instrument and therefore, the child may not recognise and miss the chance to be able to fully engage and benefit from the app.

Overall in terms of the content the app is somewhat beneficial for young children to develop their reading skills as well as their ability to pronounce and read sentences with alliteration. This appbook does not merely focus on the development of children’s reading but also their ability to recognise, engage and make full use of their senses throughout the progression of the story. In terms of interaction and ease of use it is possible for the child to struggle through the progression of the store as there is no clear indication of how to engage with the virtual characters and the progress onto the following pages of the book. Therefore, when first using the app it will be important for someone older to sit and guide the child through the many aspects of the app to ensure the child can engage, process information and learn to their maximum ability!

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Developer Description

“So the Little Lost Note was a little bit lost, and needed to find her way home.”

Join the Little Lost Note as she sets off on a journey to find her missing instrument. Follow her as she makes new discoveries, meets new friends and explores the magical, musical world surrounding her.

This brand new appbook from Box of Frogs Media includes interactive elements on every page for you and your little one to enjoy together. The Little Lost Note includes Read to Me and Read by Myself options, as well as Night Light mode for especially quiet and calm bedtime reading.

NO in-app purchasing! Read with your children in confidence that this is your time, your story.

- Hand drawn illustrations and animations
- Tap and rub the screen to find interactive moments hidden on each page
- Double tap or swipe to turn the page
- Features original music
- Play the piano, guitar and trumpet (dual-play option - play together!)
- Beautiful narration
- Read to Me and Read by Myself options with individual word highlights
- Tap the Zzzzz on screen to activate in-line Night Light reading mode for quieter bedtimes.

"It was sheer pleasure listening and relaxing." Alphadigits

"A must have for parents" The App Times

"Box of Frogs Media has created the ultimate in interactive reading with a story that captivates kids and keeps parents happy at the same time" Apps and Applications

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