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About Little Kitten Preschool

Little Kitten & Friends is an app that helps children aged between 4 and 7 prepare for their school start. The application provides 8 educational games that are rich with features and help remote coordination, confidence, social and motor skills in a safe and exciting environment. Little Kitten & Friends is available on iOS for mobile devices and tablets. The application is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases.

Little Kitten Preschool Review

About Little Kitten & Friends

Little Kitten & Friends is a wonderful application that is beautifully presented with stunning visuals and gameplay. The application includes 8 educational games, interactive features and augmented reality. The application supports 14 languages and enables the young user to explore the Little Kitten’s school solving puzzles, answering questions and exploring creativity. Children are encouraged to discover the correct answers without setbacks or negative feedback. Each game has a unique cracker reward that can be fed to the Little Kitten.

Upon opening the application, the user is shown a delightful video showing Little kitten getting ready for school. The animation and visuals are truly wonderful and our users were engaged. Little kitten enters the school hallway where users are encouraged to explore their new, exciting surroundings. The application provides 8 interactive and educational games. These can be found by using the selected areas that include:

The Augmented Reality game – this can be found by selecting the cardboard box in the hallway. Requiring access to the camera Little Kitten must find the crackers inside the box which is displayed using augmented reality in the user’s surroundings. This was truly magical and our users loved this game.

The Paint game – this can be found inside the classroom on Rabbit’s table. This game focuses on fine motor skills and creativity. Colour the picture in by using the paintbrush and mixing palette. Choose from several picture templates and stay inside the lines to gain cracker rewards. The painting games offers many great features such as mixing colours, brush type, eraser, cleaning the brush and the ability to take a picture for sharing.

The Counting game - this can be found inside the classroom on Mole’s table. Focusing on mathematical skills the user is asked to identify a number of objects about a given number. A progress bar at the top can be seen to tell the user how close they are to completing the game. This includes boots, wheels, gloves, eggs, starfish and much more.

The Bubble game - this can be found inside the classroom on the white kitten’s table. This focuses on identifying keywords associated with topics such as sports, music, weather, moving toys and fruit. Crackers are awarded for identifying the objects for the correct categories.

The Animal Shadow game – This can be found in the hallway via the animal poster. The user has to identify the animals by its shadow outline. Crackers are awarded for correct answers.

The Hop Scotch Game – This can be found through the playground double doors. The user can choose three levels from easy, medium to hard. This game focuses on memory and concentration. Follow the sequenced pattern to get Little Kitten across the Hop Scotch board. Crackers are awarded for correct answers.

The Recycling Game – This can be found via the recycling logo in the main hallway. The user has to recycle the rubbish in the correct recycling bins. This is ideal for teaching children about the environment and the importance of recycling. Throw the rubbish into the monster recycling bins to gain crackers.

The Trampoline game – This can be found via the white gym doors in the hallway. This game focuses on visual patterns and perception. Follow the skills and tricks of Little Kitten performing wonderful twists, somersaults and shapes. This was by far the best game and our users loved the animation. Crackers are awarded for correct movements but don’t leave it too long to answer!

The Languages wall display – this can be found in the hallway on the flag's display. The user can choose from 14 languages. Miss Fox's voice will talk you through every mini-game in your chosen language, you can even give her a tap to hear a tip any time. This is an ideal way for your child to learn another language.

Many other interactive features enhance the experience such as:

Ringing the bell at the reception will give further instructions.

Choosing the picture above the ‘Settings’ icon enters the opening video.

Choosing the pictures will lead the user to further information about the application.

The ‘Settings’ options can be found using the pink ‘Settings’ icon in the picture frame. Here the user can turn the music on and off, recommend and rate the application. It was good to see that the ‘Settings’ options were locked using a parental safeguard sum.

Little Kitten Crackers Rewards – This could be found in the classroom on Little Kitten’s table. Our users had great fun feeding Little Kitten with our hard-earned crackers. 

What skills does it improve?

Each game focuses on its own unique skill sets:

The Augmented Reality game – Technology skills, spatial awareness, navigation and coordination.

The Paint game – Colour recognition, creativity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The Counting game – Mathematical skills and fine motor skills.

The Bubble game – Logic, critical thinking and pattern recognition.

The Languages wall display – Languages and words and sounds.

The Animal Shadow game – Shape recognition and fine motor skills.

The Hop Scotch Game – Concentration, sound and visual memory.

The Recycling Game – The environment and a sense of responsibility.

The Trampoline game – Visual perception and reaction time.

Is Little Kitten & Friends app easy to use?

The application is very easy to use and we love the fact that the app needs to be explored rather than directing the user through a series of levels. The graphics are wonderful, child friendly and the user interface is intuitive and easy to follow.

How will parents benefit?

Little Kitten & Friends is a great way for children to interact with a series of fun and educational games. Once the application has been used regularly parents can leave their children unsupported.

How will teachers benefit?

Little Kitten & Friends is very engaging and offers lots of scope for differentiation, there is something for everyone! This certainly could be used in schools on a tablet to help those who may have initial worries when starting a new school. A great ice breaker!

How will the user benefit?

It’s great fun! Our users benefited from the vast array of games and loved that the hallway could be explored. Each time our users played the game they found something else.

What we love about the Little Kitten & Friends app

The developers have taken a very sensitive subject of starting a new school and produced a fun and educational game that will help children aged between 4 and 7 prepare for their school start. The animation and gameplay are wonderful and our users fell in love with Little Kitten!

What the Little Kitten & Friends app could improve on

Little Kitten & Friends is a very good application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

The ability to skip the initial opening video once the app has been closed down. 

Some of the options that we choose sent us out of the application interface. This became a little frustrating.

The developers may consider added a further brush in The Paint Game to add detail to the drawing.

The developers may want to consider a text overlay for those who are hard of hearing.

The developers may want o to consider adding further content to the application. Although our users were engaged the application was completed quite quickly. 

The developers may want to add further interactive features such as watering a plant, telling the time via the hall clock, discovering objects inside the lockers, collecting the basketballs etc.

How much does Little Kitten & Friends cost?

This is currently a paid application, prices can be found via the Appstore.

Is the application Little Kitten & Friends safe to use?

Yes. It was refreshing to see an application that doesn’t require and account or email to start with. Parental controls are only used when using the ‘Settings’ options. This is secured by a first-level mathematical sum lock.

Overall Rating of the application

By far one of the best animated, storytelling applications we have seen. The developers can be congratulated on a produced a wonderful application that has beautiful animation as well as providing educational value. This application comes highly recommended by The

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