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Little Kitten Adventures Review

Most kids ask for a pet, often a kitten, at some point. It is a big decision for parents and the whole family. Whatever kids promise, you will be where the pet care buck stops.

Little Kitten Adventures is a good way to distract kids while you and they think more about what pet ownership means. This app is an adventure game catered toward kids and cat lovers. It's all about keeping an eye on a curious little cat that always seems to get into trouble.

It isn't an educational app, and it probably won't put kids off wanting a real kitten, but it could give you some thinking time!

App Information

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Adaptive Learning Adaptive Learning
Gameplay Gamified
Lifetime License Lifetime License

Suitable for ages - Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)
Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Games

Great for - Creative Development

Little Kitten Adventures Features

  • 10 mini-games
  • Merge real life and the app to capture photos with Little Kitten
  • No subscription
  • Storyline to play through
  • iPad and iPhone compatible


You buy in the app is a single payment forever. There are in-app purchases to expand the content, but they don't expire, and you don't need to commit to a subscription. However, we do feel that the content you get in the main app and its extras is a little light for the prices you pay.

Is it good for learning?

Little Kitten Adventure is only incidentally educational. It is mainly for entertainment, but it does help parents talk about the responsibility of pet ownership. It is also a calming game where the point is to care rather than compete or fight, making it more child-friendly than many game apps.

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  • Little Kitten AdventuresLittle Kitten AdventuresLittle Kitten AdventuresLittle Kitten AdventuresLittle Kitten Adventures


We'd like to see the app fill out its base offering and its in-app purchases with more content. We also think there are more opportunities for involving the cute little kitten in education, whether regarding pet care or more general learning.

Benefits for Students

The developers of Little Kitten Adventures have perfected the cuteness factor. Kids will love their in-app pet and the activities they can initiate.

Some of the minigames are about pet care, while others involve the kitten but encourage kids to play more general games such as memory and shape matching.

Benefits for Parents

Finding games that don't overstimulate young kids with competitive features or conflict isn't easy. Little Kitten Adventures has no content that parents are likely to find unwelcome for kids except that it might make them want a kitten even more.

While the activities in the app, such as soothing the kitten's bruises and cleaning up fleas, are not especially reminiscent of real life, they are helpful conversation starters to encourage kids to think about the differences between the fantasy of having a pet and the reality.

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Our reviewer's recommendation

Little Kitten Adventures is well made and good fun for little kids. It is a bit light on content, but many kids won't notice as they love repetition. It is not an educational app but does provide a more thoughtful approach than typical computer games. We've awarded Little Kitten Adventures four stars.