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Little Digits is a fun way to learn to count using a multitouch interactive approach. Little Digits is a great application that you can use with your child to help improve their number recognition and number fluency skills. A really fun and engaging app, that requires your child to place the correct amount of digits on the numeral animation. All of the numbers are represented as fun and colorful creatures that your child will love. The app is easy to follow with three modes of game play and an easy to follow tutorial. The multi touch technology allows your child to place the correct amount of fingers on the screen when solving simple number problems. A really nice feature is the ability to record your own voice for each number, a particular favourite with my own 4 year old. Probably the best thing about Little Digits is how fun and simplistic it is, the app allows for development of natural curiosity and hours of fun are guaranteed. 

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A really simple fun application that children can use as part of a lesson or through independent play. Fun numeric characters (0-10) are displayed by detecting how many fingers are placed on the screen. Number bond mode is also available in addition and subtraction asking the child to place the correct amount of fingers down to answer the question.
What I really enjoy about Little Digits is how simplistic  and engaging it is for young learners. Also, it allows for children's natural curiosity to develop without to much adult input. You are also able to record your own or the child's voice if you wish. Overall, a fantastic little app for early numeracy skills.
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Gizmodo app of the day: "Counting is one of the most important skills a child can learn. Little Digits is an adorable educational app that helps kids do that in a fun, intuitive way." App of the Week: "Within the Little Digits app, kids are taught their basic numbers in a super intuitive way – with their fingers! This is an ingeniously simple use of the iPad screen."

The Guardian - "UK studio Cowly Owl has come up with a wonderfully creative iPad app for children learning their first numbers...Educational, yes, but also really playful and fun."

Little Digits is a fun educational app that teaches children about numbers by putting a new spin on finger counting.

Using the iPad multi-touch screen, Little Digits displays number characters by detecting how many fingers you put down. Children can learn to associate the number on the screen with the number of fingers they place down, whilst enjoying the unique characters and animations of the Little Digits world.

There are also games that introduce small addition and subtraction calculations, where you can work out the answer using the same multi-touch finger detection.

This is an app that will grow with your child’s numerical understanding. Not only can they discover numbers through initial independent play, you can also play collaboratively with your child, each putting fingers down to count and work out calculations together. Then when your child is ready, they can work out the answers for themselves, using their own little digits!

Counting to 10 with your fingers
Number order; 0 to 10 and back
Retina graphics
Kid safe app

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