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About LiteracyPlanet

LiteracyPlanet is a complete reading programme that spans Reception/EYFS to Year 10, combining high-quality educational material with high-quality graphics, gamification, data and reporting, and simple classroom tools.

LiteracyPlanet Review

What do we like about LiteracyPlanet?

LiteracyPlanet is an excellent application that allows students to improve their literacy abilities and may be used to differentiate students based on their ability and areas in which they need to improve. The fact that they can set missions over and over to see how far they've progressed on that task.

What skills does it improve?

LiteracyPlanet is a comprehensive online learning tool that empowers homeschoolers and makes English literacy learning fun. LiteracyPlanet helps develop early reading and advanced grammar skills by combining literacy education best practices and the latest digital technology.

The difference with LiteracyPlanet is the breadth of the curriculum, which includes phonics, sight words, spelling, reading, comprehension, grammar, and writing.

What age group is literacy planet for?

LiteracyPlanet is a fun, motivational literacy learning program designed for 3-15 year olds.  

Is LiteracyPlanet free?

LiteracyPlanet is free for schools (starter membership). 

Does LiteracyPlanet have a free trial?

Yes! LiteracyPlanet offers a 14-day free trial that provides unlimited access to all their premium resources.

How much does LiteracyPlanet cost?

For schools, LiteracyPlanet’s Starter membership won’t cost you anything. Prices for an upgrade to the Pro or School memberships are above or can be discussed with their team.

For parents, the prices start at $8 or £6 per month, per child.

Is LiteracyPlanet easy to use?

It offers a diverse choice of English-related activities, which is fantastic. The children can immediately log in and play after the activities have been set. The activities are labelled, which makes the teachers' job easier. Different activities can be assigned to different children without the youngsters being aware of which year group they are in.

How will students benefit?

Spelling lists can be prepared, and they're a terrific way for kids to practise each week. It aids in the consolidation of a grammar goal following the English lesson. Learners can test their comprehension skills by answering a selection of low and high-order questions. They can also go over other grammar topics with you.

How will teachers benefit?

It gives detailed information on each child's English study area. Teachers can use this information to determine a child's current level of learning and any gaps in their knowledge. For all English teachers, it is a wonderful and effective tool. It's also participatory and entertaining, which makes it appealing to students. Literacy Planet homework on subjects covered during lessons is now available to teachers. The listening and spelling abilities of students have also increased significantly.

How will parents benefit?

Parents are thrilled with the tool since they have witnessed their children's enthusiastic participation in class. A child with a learning disability, for example, enjoys using the app because it is participatory.

What can LiteracyPlanet improve on?

Because all of the activities and lessons are on a little list, it's tough to find them in each strand. It would be beneficial if they were further classified, either by CfE code, alphabetical order, or some other method. 

Final thoughts

Literacy Planet is a fantastic tool that has been carefully designed to assist students in improving their English abilities in a fun, engaging, and challenging manner. It's a fantastic resource for practising English language concepts and includes entertaining games to keep learners engaged.

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