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Listening Power Preschool HD

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An app to help young children practice listening to and understanding concepts.

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This app has a lot of depth to it as well as a lot of potential for helping young children in understanding a range of concepts. The aim of the app is to allow young children to work through a serious of interactive stories and questioning techniques to help them improve their understanding of different language concepts as well as playing a part in helping them with their reading comprehension. 
Although the developers have stated that the app has been designed for children with weak language skills in mind as well as children with ADHD and autism they are right when they say that any other young person can benefit from the app. There is certainly enough differentiation and with the ability to adapt certain aspects of the app to the user it means that any child can benefit from its use.
When you open the app you are given a number of different options before you start to access the main content of the app. These options include things such as setting up users, changing settings within the app, accessing the manual or viewing other apps from the developer. The manual that is available within the app has enough description in it to make it clear to understand how to get the best out of the app. Although the usability is quite simple there are lots of different things you can do in the app so having a manual is definitely a must and the developers have pitched it well. 
One the big pluses of this app is the ability to track the progress of the user. In the full version this means as many individual children and groups as you like and then within the lite version this is limited to fewer. By setting up individual children and groups within the ‘users’ tab and viewing users progress it allows you to make certain changes in the settings tab to differentiate and adapt to the individual user. The ability to do this allows any educator or even parents the ability to see how well a child is doing as well as also adding an amount of competition within the child to improve on their progress and so develop the desire to keep practising on the app, something that the app itself encourages. 
Another excellent feature that doesn’t always seem to happen with some apps is the website that runs alongside the app from the developer. On the website there is the option to contact the developer for further information and also to find out what other apps are available from the developer (common practice for a lot of apps) however on the website there is a really good video explaining and detailing how to use the app and how to get the most out of it. As mentioned previously there is a lot in the app that may not necessarily be easy to understand its potential but through the video it talks and shows all the elements; from adding children and groups to adapting different settings within the app. 
The main body of the app though is where most of the content sits. Split into five different activities that cover listening for descriptions, directions, grammar and meaning, stories with pictures and stories without pictures there is a comprehensive range to help not only keep young children engaged in the app but give them a fully rounded learning experience. Within each of the activities there are also ways to help young children to access the learning at their abilities. This includes having the option to repeat some of the information to aid in understanding. Within the app there is the ability to manually change the level for each individual but there is also the ability for this to be done automatically dependent on the answers that each individual gives and how much assistance they have asked for, i.e. repeating the information. This is a clever little addition can be switched off but its aim is sound in trying to make sure the learning is tied into the needs of each of the users. 
Overall this is a good app that has many strong features to it but I can easily see it being used both at home and also in an educational setting.
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  • Listening Power Preschool HDListening Power Preschool HDListening Power Preschool HDListening Power Preschool HDListening Power Preschool HD


This is the app you’ve been waiting for! Listening Power Preschool HD has 5 colorful, engaging listening games on one app, with over 1200 listening tasks and 3 levels of play! This app was created by Patti Hamaguchi, a licensed speech-language pathologist, and developer of the popular Fun with Directions app. It is perfect for children at a language age of 3 ½ through 6 or any child learning English. Listening Power Preschool was designed for children with weak language comprehension, poor auditory memory, AD/HD, autism and language impairment, but ANY child can enjoy these fun activities to strengthen listening!

Check out our YouTube video to learn more about this app:

By turning on the “text on” feature, it can also be used for reading decoding/comprehension as well!

This app should ideally be played with an adult who can teach and cue the child when appropriate during the activities. As with all screen time, app play should be limited. We recommend short sessions of approximately five-ten minutes for most children at this level.

There are 5 activities in the app:
Listening for Descriptions: Adjectives such as colors, big/little, happy/sad, clean/dirty, hold/cold, stripes, spots, soft/hard, round, square and more!

Listening for Directions: Concepts such as on, in, out, on, out, up, down, behind, line up, sit down, stop, underline, cross out, underline, and more!

Listening for Grammar & Meaning: plurals, verb tenses, pronouns, preposition concepts, and negation!

Listening for Stories with Pictures: A story is read with accompanying pictures and sound effects, followed by questions about the story such as who, what, and where questions.

Listening for Stories without Pictures: This activity is essentially the same as above, except the child is not shown pictures during the story. The child must stay focused and imagine the story, then answer simple questions about the story. An animation after the story shows some aspect of the story.

Features include: Easy, Intermediate and Advanced levels within each activity. Auto Advance/Drop makes the questions easier or more challenging, depending on your child’s choices; Bubble game included for a fun break; data collection, pop-up reward animations, individual and group play for up to 75 users; text on/off feature available to work on reading decoding and comprehension, options for 2, 3 or 4 choices to be shown.

Check out our website at and our YouTube channel (HamaguchiApps) to see demonstrations of this app, as well as our others!

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