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A super little animated story creator

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It is difficult to think of another app that is so simple to use and yet offers such rich possibilities for unleashing creativity as Lipa Theater. The basic premise is that children can use the app to create a short animated story. It achieves this in a wonderful way, with user friendliness clearly tantamount to the design process. For starters, the app is available to use in eight different languages - English, Russian, French, Mandarin, American Spanish, European Spanish, German and Czech. This is an amazing range and will surely make the app much more useful to a global audience, as it allows children of many different backgrounds to access its activities.

The whole app is very intuitive to use and makes very good use of touch screen gestures throughout. It begins by offering users two modes - a tutorial mode called “Theater School” and a free play mode called “My Story”. It makes sense to begin with the Theater School, and this does a fantastic job of taking the user through the steps required to create an animated story with very little hassle. Words are all spoken, with no reading required, allowing pre-readers to access the app without any trouble. The steps in the tutorial follow a very sensible learning curve, and in a very short time impart all the information required to begin a creation from scratch.

Throughout the app, the quality of the graphics and sound effects are very good, with both designed to appeal to children. Colours are bright and the characters are very cute to look at. The visual style is detailed whilst simple enough to work for young children, and the sound effects and music back this up beautifully. Overall, it oozes child appeal and will engage youngsters with no problems.

The functionality of the app allows the user to easily add and move characters, add and move props, change the background, weather and other details about the scene. Once the scene is set as required then the animation can be recorded, with children using their fingers and a couple of simple principles to move characters and objects around in real time. The recorded animation can then be saved and shared, which is a real bonus. The options for sharing include Facebook, email and a download to the device, with a parental lock to make sure that these are not inadvertently done by a child.

Due to the open ended nature of the app, this should really help children to engage creatively with the iPad and the number of options for characters and props mean that many hours of use could be had before the experience starts to become even vaguely repetitive. 

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Android app available later this month. 

Lights, Camera, ACTION! You’re the director: make the stories you want to tell come to life!

Set the scene: control the time of day, weather, and background music
Embellish your production with dozens of props and diverse animals
Invent storylines and animate your puppets with a touch
Take a snapshot or draw a picture and create your own backdrop
Record the action and play back for endless fun & learning!

Light up your imagination with Lipa Theater: Story Maker!

Lipa Theater: Story Maker is an educational app ideal for children ages 3+.

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