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About Lingvist

Lingvist is one of the most impressive language learning apps we’ve come across so far - so long as you’re learning one of the few languages it currently supports, and can afford the steep price. Lingvist download is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices.

Lingvist Review

Lingvist covers French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Latin American Spanish. If you’re hoping to learn one of those, then Lingvist comes highly recommended, but naturally for many language learners it just won’t cover what they need.

Boasting a clean, minimalist design, Lingvist is different to many other language apps. Rather than separating its content around topic areas, it instead sorts them by difficulty level, which you progress through by practicing.

It encourages you to work through flash cards each day, learning a certain number of new words and practicing others along the way. Grammar tips pop up at relevant points to help with trickier elements, and there are also separate ‘challenges’ devoted to specific grammatical points.

The gimmick/selling point is that it’s all built around AI and machine learning, which it uses first to determine your ability level and then to serve you flash cards at the best moment, adjusting on the fly to your current ability level. That’s hard to assess in a brief testing period, but it did do a decent enough job assessing our initial skill level at least.

What do we like about Lingvist?

Each vocabulary cluster in Lingvist is broken down into its own category. This allows pupils to break down their information into manageable chunks and easily memorise new words. So, if you're looking to expand your vocabulary in the area of the human body, you've got 35 words to choose from. There are a lot more word categories like that, and you may go back to them whenever you need to revise.

What skills does it improve on?

Lingvist's platform isn't overly gamified, and it instead uses data, progress charts, and estimates to drive users in a more subtle, mature way. The interface and flashcards are simple, but they work. Completing exercises and learning terminology in context allows you to commit information to your long-term memory more quickly, allowing you to apply it in real-life circumstances.

What age is it appropriate for?

It is appropriate for all users of all ages. 

Is Lingvist free?

Lingvist is accessible in both a free and a premium or unlimited edition. Users that pay have access to a larger vocabulary, as well as word lists, special courses, and customer service.

Is Lingvist easy to use?

The Lingvist app not only automatically sets a goal for you in terms of the amount of new words/cards you should study, but it also keeps track of your progress. You can keep one eye on the number of words you've practised and the other on your correct repeats, for example, to see how far you've come.

How will students benefit?

Users of Lingvist are encouraged to complete 100 flashcards per day. There's only one type of these, which usually include a statement or phrase with a blank spot for the user to fill in the proper answer. The statement will be read out loud by the platform after you enter the proper word or keyword.

You'll also learn more about the word, including its definition and part of speech. When using the app to learn, you can see a translation of the whole sentence by clicking on the arrow at the top of the screen.

How will teachers benefit?

Although most language-learning apps are designed to be used on the go, Lingvist also has a browser version that allows you to use it on your computer. You'll be able to synchronise your progress across platforms after you've made an account. Lingvist is available for Windows, Android, and iOS. It has a simple and attractive interface, and switching between sub-menus and regions is simple.

How will parents benefit?

The cofounders of Lingvist were well aware of the importance of understanding your level when learning a language. They gave a fairly accurate level evaluation that involves you reading a series of short paragraphs and filling in the blanks.

What can Lingvist improve on?

Lingvist is a vocabulary app that may not appeal to all types of learners. It's wonderful for addressing all aspects of language mastery — speaking, listening, reading, and writing — but it might not be optimal if you're a visual learner. The level evaluation that you'll go through at the start is equally tedious.

How much does Lingvist cost?

The free trial offers 7 day's access to Lingvist Unlimited, which includes up to 5,000 pieces of vocabulary and as many new words you want to learn per day, along with unlimited reading, listening and speaking challenges a day. 

After the trial, you can choose to either pay £16.99/US$19.99 per month on pay as  you go, or choose from cheaper quarterly (£11.66/US$13.33 per month) or annual plans (£5.83/US$6.67 per month).

Final thoughts

Lingvist is language-learning software that uses digital flashcards, statistical analysis, and artificial intelligence to assist users to improve their language skills. As a result, it aims to improve how users learn a foreign language by maximising their time and effort. Lingvist accomplishes this by using spaced repetition, or the deliberate repetition of words at particular intervals, with the purpose of permanently embedding the terminology in the learner's long-term memory.

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