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For Parents – Learn a language. Make it your own.

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  • age 16+

About – Learn a language. Make it your own. app is immersive learning experience for any level of learning, grabbing news material online and turning it into bite-sized language lessons, while also acting as a translation service with a personalized dictionary built-in.

Teacher Review includes audible pronunciations, multiple definitions in the native language, and a persistent profile system that syncs across your devices, tracking your progress and helping you spend a little extra focus on the more troublesome terms in your acquired vocabulary.

The idea is to use this digital personal language assistant to learn new words or refresh your memory on previously learned words in short bursts on-the-go, since real life language learning for most people who are out of school doesn't lend itself to structured, classroom-like lengthy sessions.

In an authentic context, you are likely to meet co-locates and related content, plus you’ll get better at navigating real language to prepare you for immersion in a Spanish speaking environment.

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Android, iPhone




Communication Skills
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  • – Learn a language. Make it your – Learn a language. Make it your – Learn a language. Make it your – Learn a language. Make it your own.


Learn a language from the real world!
· Collect new words with's smart dictionary.
· Use your new vocab as you read real articles from local newspapers.
· Not ready for articles? Try our text bites.

Study French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese with


● Add words with's smart dictionary
● See your words in real articles from the web
● Change your feed to native speaker phrases
● Create flashcards with images and audio
● Practice your vocab with fun games

We have dictionary support for: English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish. *Please note that at least one of your languages (learning or dictionary) ​​needs to be set to English.* is a great way to enhance your vocabulary anytime, anywhere.

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