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LingQ Review

LingQ is an interactive, language-learning app that progressively guides the user through language study in real-world, immersive contexts. The variety of languages on offer is quite impressive, ranging from Spanish, French, Italian, German, English, Chinese, to 25 others. Lingq is available to download for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Google Play for Android.

LingQ is suitable for a wide range of users, but beginners, especially those unfamiliar with the script, may initially find the immersive approach challenging.

LingQ offers a free 7-day trial. This lets you test the different features of the app. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee if you pay for a subscription and end up changing your mind.

LingQ Features

  • Comprehensive selection of texts and podcasts in 42 languages, tailored to user's ability level and interests.
  • Interactive learning with key words highlighted and referenced to an in-app lexicon sourced from online dictionaries.
  • Customizable language learning with user-selected language pairs and general interest topics.
  • Immersive learning approach using real-life articles, stories, interviews, and more with transcript and full translation options.
  • Progress tracking with breakdowns of listening time, words read, and “SRS review” tools for vocabulary consolidation.

Screenshots of LingQ

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LingQ Pricing and Plans

There’s a limited free version of LingQ available as well as two different paid subscriptions. The LingQ Premium subscription costs between $7.99 and $12.99 per month, depending on the length of your subscription.

The premium subscription offers unlimited 'LingQs,' vocabulary review, word tracking, and imports, along with a 50% reduction in the cost of web-based tutoring.

Is it good for learning?

LingQ offers context-based vocabulary in engaging ways, making it a valuable addition to language learning classrooms.

LingQ allows for progress retention and personalized vocabulary storage, catering to individual learners. It also provides daily challenges and reminders for positive engagement.

What is LingQ?

LingQ is an extremely well-presented app that boasts a comprehensive selection of everyday and specifically-designed texts with accompanying lexicon.  The app allows you to learn and explore a vast variety – 35 in total – of languages in an engaging, customised, and interactive way. As a piece of software, it offers relevant, fast learning that is pertinent to your own interests. 

Users can engage with purposefully-designed texts and podcasts at their own pace, with key words highlighted and linked to an in-app lexicon. The app's vast library includes real-life articles, stories, interviews, and more, promoting immersive language learning.

Learning Progress

Users typically begin with easy beginner lessons, which covers basics such as pronunciation, initial greetings, leading to more developed conversations. LingQ contains 1000s of hours of lessons, podcasts, books, interviews and more, all with transcript and translation options.

LingQ allows you to ‘import’ and learn languages from any content you find from external, Internet-based sources. LingQ promotes immersive learning, where users regularly read and listen to the target language to gradually develop competence and understanding.

LingQ offers a vast library of real-life articles, stories, interviews, and more. Users can track known and unfamiliar words and access SRS review tools for vocabulary reinforcement.

User Experience

How can users register and set up their accounts on LingQ?
From the start-up screen, the user registers with LingQ – either through Google, Facebook, or creating an individual account – and, subsequently, the user can easily choose his/her language pairs for study and then will select a series of general interest topics to facilitate their language-learning. 
What options are available for language pairs and topics?
There are thirty-five languages from which you can choose.  Each with well-structured and comprehensive target-language contexts specific to your current competence level and your pre-selected interests. 

How does LingQ support individualized language learning?

With your registered account, your data will be synced to attached email or social media account, providing you with regular updates on your progress or some needed encourage to keep you on-task. 

What additional features are provided on the LingQ website?

The app is taken much further by visiting the supporting website, as Spoken and Written elements are added to the fray by submitting some of your work to the Community forum or by taking personal lessons / interacting with one of the many online tutors. 


A constant Internet connection is required for full app functionality, but activities can be downloaded for offline use. 

The Pros of using LingQ

  • Engaging and personalized language learning experience.
  • Vast library of authentic and relevant content for immersive learning.
  • Ability to import content from external sources for language learning.
  • Syncs user data with email or social media for progress tracking and updates.
  • Supports diverse language needs, suitable for various learner levels.

More Information

Adaptive Learning Adaptive Learning
Device Synchronisation Device Synchronisation

Suitable for ages - Ages 18 and older
Secondary School Apps (11-14 Years)
Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)

Subjects & Topics - Languages

Great for - Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
Communication Skills
Engagement and Usability
Academic Relevance
Thinking & Reasoning

The Cons of using LingQ

  • Requires constant Internet connection, although offline activities can be downloaded and synced later.
  • Regular and long-term exposure needed, which demands high user motivation.
  • Potentially challenging for beginners, especially with unfamiliar scripts.
  • Isolated word approach may not fully address word collocations and changing meanings in context.
  • Self-management and motivation are crucial for effective learning.

Download LingQ

You can download LingQ on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the LingQ app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Download LingQfor Android Download LingQfor iOS

Final Verdict: LingQ Review

In conclusion, as a supportive source app for language learning materials, LingQ is an engaging and motivating app, with the clear, varied and relevant resources being its stand-out features. The potential for exploration of multiple languages across a huge span of contexts and interests is a real asset here and its individual interaction with each user and the option to link into target-language communities and native speakers make this a considered and effective tool for all.

LingQ is suited for almost all genre of user, with the potential of this app being what you make of it; yet pure beginners of the language (especially, with an unfamiliar script) may find the immersive approach initially very challenging and demotivating.

Personally, I hope to integrate this app into my own classroom in the near future, with the paid version being my recommendation – as it offers unlimited ‘LingQs’, vocab review, word tracking, and imports, with the additional incentive of a 50% reduction in the cost of web-based tutoring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which languages are supported by LingQ?

42 languages including Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English, Korean, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Esperanto, Latin, Ukranian.

Privacy Rating

Data Safety

Does the app provide a secure and safe experience for its intended usersLingQ is safe to use

Value and Presentation

Is the app easy to use and accessible?LingQ is easy to use and accessible
Is this app well-made and presented?LingQ is well-made and presented
Is this app useful for its intended users?LingQ is user-friendly
Does this app provide good value?LingQ provides good value to the users