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About LingQ

LingQ is an interactive, language-learning app that progressively guides the user through language study in real-world, immersive contexts.  The variety of languages on offer is quite impressive, ranging from Spanish, French, Italian, German, English, Chinese, to 25 others. Lingq is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Google Play for Android.

Lingq Review

LingQ is an extremely well-presented app that boasts a comprehensive selection of everyday and specifically-designed texts with accompanying lexicon.  The app allows you to learn and explore a vast variety – 35 in total – of languages in an engaging, customised, and interactive way.   As a piece of software, it offers relevant, fast learning that is pertinent to your own interests.  And thanks to the supplementary consolidation activities, you can see new vocabulary and structures being retained and implemented.  However, a constant Internet connection is required and should you want the full scope of the app; yet, you can get around this by downloading activities in advance and, then, syncing them when you later have an Internet connection.

The app centres on purposefully-designed and authentic texts and podcasts, which the users can read and/or listen to at their own pace and according to their own ability level.  Considering the user’s ability level, key words are made to stand out and referenced to an in-app lexicon sourced from online dictionaries.

From the start-up screen, the user registers with LingQ – either through Google, Facebook, or creating an individual account – and, subsequently, the user can easily choose his/her language pairs for study and then will select a series of general interest topics to facilitate their language-learning.  To which I have previously alluded, there are thirty-five languages from which you can choose.  Each with well-structured and comprehensive target-language contexts specific to your current competence level and your pre-selected interests. 

The premise of this app is that of immersive learning – not dissimilar to how you would learn your own language – by regular reading and listening to the target language, the user will gradually develop competence and understanding.  The stimulus, from a vast library of real life articles, stories, interviews, radio shows, novels etc. allow users to choose whatever interests them.  Yet, such an approach requires regular and long-term exposure to the language and the accompanying motivation to see it through.  Otherwise, progress will see itself stymied.

Users will, typically, start with easy beginner (A1) lessons, which covers basics such as pronunciation, initial greetings, leading to more developed conversations.  Yet, this, then, progress into learning languages from interesting, authentic contexts and sources.  LingQ’s so-called accelerated reader for contains 1000s of hours of lessons, podcasts, books, interviews and more, all with transcript and an option tab to view the full translation.  If none of the aforementioned are sufficiently relevant, LingQ allows you to ‘import’ and learn languages from any content you find from external, Internet-based sources.  The scope for this immersive experience is certainly wide – it can serve as an audiobook, as podcasts, as read-along challenges.  All audio lessons follow a visible text, in which you can look up, highlight, and learn new words and phrases.  In this way, you track the words that you know and those words that are unfamiliar to you.  As well, the app produces a breakdown of all your language learning activities including listening time, words read and more.  To follow up the initial activities, LingQ encourages you to review and learn vocabulary in context, by revisiting it through what the developers call the “SRS review” tools.  

With your registered account, your data will be synced to attached email or social media account, providing you with regular updates on your progress or some needed encourage to keep you on-task.  The app is taken much further by visiting the supporting website, as Spoken and Written elements are added to the fray by submitting some of your work to the Community forum or by taking personal lessons / interacting with one of the many online tutors. 

From an educator’s perspective, the relevant and clearly-presented content mean that this represents a very useful addition to the language learning classroom, with context-based vocabulary showcased in entertaining, engaging, and personalised ways.  The progress retention and personalised vocabulary storing allow for language-learning that is real and geared towards learners as individuals.  In addition to this, the ability to structure your language learning into daily challenges with specific end goals / fluency levels, and daily reminders will serve as positive engagement factors. The only potential drawback of the immersive approach is that, for beginner learners the isolated word approach does not always take into account collocations in the language – i.e. isolated words will have some meanings, but these may change when placed with others.  This is something that an inexperienced learner may not initially realise, thus making comprehension difficult.  However, phrases can be selected  and, then, added to the user’s personal review page.  All in all, the app will work independently as a solid, comprehensive, and efficient language-learning software, but would complement well most school-based curricula.  However, to which I have previously alluded, self-management and self-motivation are key if this is to prove successful.

In conclusion, as a supportive source app for language learning materials, it does represent an engaging and motivating piece of software, with the clear, varied and relevant resources being its stand-out features.  The potential for exploration of multiple languages across a huge span of contexts and interests is a real asset here and its individual interaction with each user and the option to link into target-language communities and native speakers make this a considered and effective tool for all.

LingQ is suited for almost all genre of user, with the potential of this app being what you make of it; yet pure beginners of the language (especially, with an unfamiliar script) may find the immersive approach initially very challenging and demotivating.  Personally, I hope to integrate this app into my own classroom in the near future, with the paid version being my recommendation – as it offers unlimited ‘LingQs’, vocab review, word tracking, and imports, with the additional incentive of a 50% reduction in the cost of web-based tutoring.

Languages: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English, Korean, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Esperanto, Latin, Ukranian. There are also 11 additional languages in Beta.

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1000s of lessons with audio + matching text. Learn words and phrases with SRS Review! Import and learn from anything on the web!

Start with easy beginner lessons but quickly progress into learning from real, compelling content. 1000s of hours of lessons, podcasts, audiobooks, interviews and more, all with transcript. LingQ even lets you import and learn from any content you find on the web! Start your language journey today!

Listen and follow along in the text. Look up and save new words and phrases to your personal database. Track which words you know and which words are new to you. Watch your vocabulary and your avatar grow! Track all your learning activities including listening time, words of reading and more.

Review and learn your new vocabulary in context and using our proprietary SRS review tools. Register your account and have your data synced to our web application so you can study on the web along with on multiple devices. The LingQ app also lets you work offline and syncs up when you get back online. This lets you take advantage of dead time and short breaks throughout the day to spend more time with your new language.

No other app will take you as far. LingQ will take you all the way to fluency!

* 1000s of hours of downloadable audio files all with transcript
* Look up and save new vocabulary using multiple integrated dictionary resources
* Review vocabulary using SRS review system
* Track how many words you know, which words are new & which you are learning
* Keep all your learning statistics including listening and reading time
* Use Playlist to easily play and shuffle all your current lessons
* Sync word data, playlist data and lesson data to the web and across devices
* Study offline and update data when back online
*Receive notifications for all LingQ activities from web or mobile including forum and exchange activities from the web
* Manage all your saved vocabulary
* See your learning targets and measure your progress
* Watch your avatar grow as your language grows

“Built by language learners for language learners!”
LingQ Co-Founder, Steve Kaufmann, one of the world’s leading polyglots, has learned 15 languages using this approach. Steve is the “Godfather of language learning”

• Unlimited LingQs - Look up & save all new words and phrases
• Word Tracking - Track known words, new words
• Unlimited Vocab Review (SRS)
• Unlimited Imports - Import & study text from the web

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