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Lingokids Review

LingoKids is a very well designed learning app for children that covers a number of different learning areas. These range from reading, science and maths through to science, technology and the arts. In total there are over 1200 learning activities within the app and more than 650 objectives.

App Information

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Suitable for ages - Kindergarten Apps (3-5 Years)
Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)

Subjects & Topics - English / Literacy

Great for - Communication Skills
Cognitive Development
Academic Relevance
Thinking & Reasoning

Lingokids Features

  • Access to 1200+ interactive and enjoyable activities spanning various subjects.
  • Covers math, science, reading, literacy, engineering, technology, and podcast content.
  • Features approved educational content from Oxford University Press.
  • Single subscription offers multi-profile options.
  • Progress center allows tracking of completed activities.
  • Enables parents and educators to track user progress, identifying strengths and weaknesses.

How much does Lingokids cost?

Lingokids Plus gives you access to all the content that Lingokids offers, including games, songs, stories, and worksheets. You can play as much as you want for $14.99 per month. 

With Lingokids Plus subscription, you can enjoy the full benefits of Lingokids for your family. You can repeat activities as many times as you want, access all the content that Lingokids offers, and get updated activities every week. 

Is it good for learning?

Lingokids aims to improve many aspects of learning. This ranges from academic learning of subjects such as maths and science to life skills such as global awareness and people skills. The learning is through a wide variety of different medias, such as instructional ‘teacher-led’ videos to videos to sing along to.


Screenshots for Lingokids

  • LingokidsLingokidsLingokidsLingokidsLingokidsLingokids


  • Safe and age-appropriate
  • Covers all aspects of English
  • Well-designed features tailored for the app's purpose.
  • Engaging and enjoyable, contributing to effective learning experiences.


  • Might be too easy for older or advanced learners. They might look for something more challenging.

The Experience of using Lingokids

LINGOKIDS is a very well designed learning app for children that covers a number of different learning areas. These range from reading, science and maths through to science, technology and the arts. In total there are over 1200 learning activities within the app and more than 650 objectives. The app also aims are not just about improving the academic abilities of its users but also includes life skills as part of its learning. These include topics such as wellbeing, global awareness and people skills, as well as many others.

Using a range of activities users access the learning within the app through several different ways. Once they have chosen the topic they wish focus on they may be signing, reading or playing games. Some of the learning is also driven through a presentation of facts via short videos or presented by an adult or teacher.

Upon opening the app, users are asked to setup the account for their child, whether this be as an educator or a parent. In setting up an account it allows for the user to be able to track the progress that is being made by the child. This can be accessed via the parent area where progress reports and be seen as well as being able to browse curriculum topics. There is also a very useful tips and community forum area to help users to maximise the learning.

Once an account has been setup the main screen allows the user to see all of ‘Today’s Adventures. This is a selection of top topics that the user might wish to select and changes daily. This screen also has a what’s new section as well as daily activities such as maths and reading for the user to access. All the menus and functionality are very clear and distinct meaning that it is easy to navigate through the app.

If a user wishes they can bypass this list and head straight for a list of all the categories within the app. This is especially useful if you wish to focus on one area such as reading or maths whereas the ‘daily’ front page is more for looking to dip in and out of the learning and maybe discover new things.

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What age is Lingokids appropriate for?

LINGOKIDS app is probably best pitched at younger users, however the app does also aim to ‘grow’ with the users as they can evolve their skills over time. This means that slightly older children can also access the app too. The developer’s suggest that the ideal age range is 1-5.

Benefits for Students

Children will benefit from the app in a wide variety of different ways. Of course the educational and academic side of the app is massive. However, the other side of learning, understanding more about the world as well themselves and things such their own wellbeing or people skills.

Benefits for Teachers

Although the app is aimed at the older age range teachers could benefit from knowing that students are accessing an app that is going to increase so many areas of knowledge, skills and understanding. The ability to be able to track and personalise learning is also a big part of the app too.

Benefits for Parents

For parents the app benefits the same as for the child and educators. It allows them to know that their child is using an app that is going to improve not only academic areas but also personal development aspects too.

Download Lingokids

You can download Lingokids on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Lingokids app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Data and Safety

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The app is free to download with limited access and the paid for version allows access to the full suite of content.

Is LINGOKIDS safe to use

LINGOKIDS app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered in the website and appropriate or unsafe for children.

Is Lingokids a free app?

Yes, Lingokids offers a free app for kids to practice and learn English. The free version gives you access to 3 activities a day. The premium version gives you access to 600+ games, songs and videos.

Our reviewer's recommendation

LINGOKIDS app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the app and the learning within it.