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About Ling App

Ling is a language learning app that teaches more than 60 languages. Ling app is available for iOS, Android and web browsers.

Ling App Review

What is Ling app

Ling is a gamified language-learning app that includes courses in more than 60 languages. Short themed lessons are used to provide practice, making study time more convenient and enjoyable. It isn't the most comprehensive resource available, especially for more widely spoken languages, but it can be a good place to start learning a less widely spoken language. 

To begin, simply enter your name, email address, and password when you first open the app. Following that, you'll be taken to a list of languages that can be learned. One of the most important features of this software is a large number of languages available for learning. These aren't simply common languages like French, German, or Spanish; Ling also has unusual languages like Telugu and Tamilian.

When you select a language, you will be immediately exposed to the fundamentals of that language's discourse. After a brief tutorial on how to use the app, you'll be able to begin working on your project.

What do we like about Ling?

The four lessons that make up each unit teach specialised vocabulary through a range of interactive tasks and a final exam. There is no more setup required before you can begin learning other than picking which language you want to study. There is no level test to take that will automatically position you at the appropriate level, but you are free to bounce around from lesson to lesson and complete them in any sequence you like.

What skills does it improve?

The proficiency and skills in language can be induced with the fun embraced learning of the app. 

What age is it appropriate for?

It is appropriate for all ages willing to learn new languages. 

Is Ling free?

Ling offers both free and paid versions. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. 

Is Ling easy to use?

Ling is simple to use and pleasing to the eye. The Ling homepage is incredibly user-friendly. Each of the 50 modules has a distinct theme and is organised into five difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, and expert.

How will students benefit?

When you choose a unit, you'll be taken to four themed lessons, each of which has the target vocabulary. The lessons were mainly logically sequenced and built on each other. The checkmarks next to the goal vocabulary signify three rounds of practice in each session. Following the selection of a lesson, practice begins with the display of relevant vocabulary terms.

How will teachers benefit?

You'll see the vocabulary word's translation as well as an example sentence, and you'll be able to hear a natural speaker pronounce each one. We can listen to the audio at a slower pace. Following that, you'll have the opportunity to see if you can recall the terminology offered. A spelling activity, a sentence-ordering exercise, multiple-choice questions, and a matching task provide opportunities for practice. This helps teachers clear the students' dilemmas easily and effectively. 

Teachers can help students do multiple-choice questions, use flashcards to recall new words, play mini-games, choose the appropriate image for a word, and so on. To put it another way, there are a variety of methods for memorising new information, and everyone will find something that works for them. You can construct a video in which you speak a foreign language and then apply the month talking effect to it to make it even more humorous.

How will parents benefit?

Each lesson concludes with a final exam. The sole difference between the language exercises in the examinations and the language exercises in the classes is that the exam questions are timed, and you can only get four erroneous answers before you fail. This helps parents to understand the level of their kids. 

What can Ling improve on?

There aren't many feasible options for many of its fewer common languages, but the price feels hefty.

How much does Ling cost?

Ling costs $8.99 for the paid subscription.

Final thoughts

You can either listen to the native speaker or read out a word/phrase or sentence for the speaking exercise that comes with each unit on the phone and tablet app. The voice recognition feature performs admirably. Each lesson concludes with a discussion that incorporates both taught and untaught vocabulary and sentences. They do, however, assist you to gain a better understanding of the target language by providing translations and audio.

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