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About Line Graph Maker Pro

Line Graph Maker Pro is a dedicated line graph maker. Its design is perfect for phone use, and its focused feature set makes visualising your data as a line graph easy. Students will find it great as a first tool for presenting data, and teachers will find it a time saver for creating lesson resources and presentation materials.

Line Graph Maker Pro is only available on Android devices. There is a non-pro version of the app which displays third-party advertisements. This review focuses on Line Graph Maker Pro, which is available for a low price and does not display any advertisements.

Line Graph Maker Pro Review

What is Line Graph Maker Pro app?

Line Graph Maker Pro offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and utilisation. With both 2D and 3D views available, the tool offers flexibility in visualising data. It provides the convenience of saving line graphs to the image gallery, enabling users to incorporate them into their projects.

Users can include a chart legend for reference or add labels directly to the line graph for clarity. Furthermore, they can effortlessly paste totals or percentages from the data editor directly onto the line graph sheet. Customisation extends to the colours used, allowing users to personalise line graphs according to their preferences.

What we love about Line Graph Maker Pro app.

The user interface of Line Graph Maker Pro is great for using and tweaking the output graph. Content that must be on or off, such as titles and labels, is controlled by checkboxes. More nuanced content, such as line thickness and padding, is adjustable through sliders. It works very well and makes balancing data clarity and visual appeal easy.

With a tool like Line Graph Maker Pro, it isn't just about creating content but accessing it too. This app has a simple export-to-pictures option, making it easy to take line graphs from the app and include them in your favourite software.

The exported images are clear and high-resolution. As you can adjust the colours before you export the graphs, you can ensure they match the theme of your PowerPoint, document or whatever method you choose. The adjustable 3D option gives your charts an infographic look which could help them better fit into lesson materials and projects.

What skills does it teach?

Line Graph Maker Pro does not directly teach about data and data visualisation, but it lets students easily experiment within the topic. Its tools will help them practice developing clear line graphs and understand how they can contribute to spotting trends and anomalies with data.

What age is it appropriate for?

Students learning at high school/secondary level and above will find the features within this app most useful. The app's features are helpful for those who aren't students. Teachers can use it to present data for their teaching materials in many subjects and for their admin roles, such as school attendance rates and other essential school data.

Is Line Graph Maker Pro app easy to use?

As an app dedicated to producing line graphs, every option and tool within Line Graph Maker Pro is relevant to the task. When you first use the app, it takes you through each option in the app using overlays.

The app's interface has multiple language options, including Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese.

How will students benefit?

Massive do-everything apps are tempting but come with some disadvantages. They have steep learning curves as they have to cater to many different user needs.

Dedicated tools, like Line Graph Maker Pro, are much easier to start using. Every option and choice in the app makes sense in the process of line-graph creation. This focus makes the app an excellent tool for students building their data visualisation skills as they can go from downloading the app to making their first line graph quickly.

This speed ensures kids won't have to spend a disproportionately long time creating visuals to demonstrate their understanding – time they can use to build and extend their knowledge of data analysis.

Their experience with this app will not be wasted if they move on to using spreadsheets such as Excel, as Line Graph Maker Pro uses a spreadsheet-style data-entry table. This approach lets the app build familiarisation without taking students away from standard data handling methodology.

How will parents benefit?

Spreadsheets are the typical go-to tool for data visualisation. There are free, open-source spreadsheets and paid-for options. Both can be daunting for kids who'll need to add learning the spreadsheet to learning about data and, in many cases, unnecessary.

Line Graph Maker Pro won't cost parents much or make things difficult for kids. As the developer also has other low-cost apps that focus on other data visualisations, such as bar chart creators and graph plotters, it needn't be limiting as you can add the other apps as you need them.

How will teachers benefit?

Line Graph Maker Pro on a phone is a potential time saver. Teachers work with data to teach and administer. With Line Graph Maker Pro, they can work on the data visualisation aspect when they can't easily use a laptop.

Non-math teachers will find it a more straightforward app than full spreadsheets, so history, geography and other subject teachers whose topics sometimes include data will find it easier to incorporate relevant data in their materials. This is an easy way to include cross-curricular links.

How much does Line Graph Maker Pro app cost?

We have reviewed Line Graph Maker Pro here, but there is a free version of the app supported by advertisements. We recommend testing the app with the free version and later upgrading to the pro. The app is well worth the low price and removes distracting advertisements.

The same developer also offers other math visualisation apps and calculators in a similar style with ad-supported and pro versions.

Line Graph Maker Pro is eligible to use with Google Play's Family Library.

Is Line Graph Maker Pro app safe to use?

The non-pro version of this app displays third-party advertisements, but Line Graph Maker Pro does not. The app only has content related to creating line graphs and does not ask for unnecessary permissions from the user.

The non-pro version's use of a third-party ad network makes it unsuitable for young kids.

What can Line Graph Maker Pro app improve on?

The initial overview and guide to the app's tools and features is valuable, but we like to be able to revisit it. We could not find a way to cause the app to replay it, which would be useful if time had passed since we last used the app or wanted to see the overview again after building a basic familiarity.

Overall rating of the app.

Our review of Line Graph Maker Pro takes the app for what it is – a highly focused tool to simplify making attractive and clear line graphs. It would be wrong to criticise it for being limited to line graphs as that is both its purpose and something that adds to its ease of use.

If you are looking for a comprehensive data visualisation suite, this is not the app for you. However, if you work with line graphs often enough that a dedicated tool will save you time, or you are buying it for students who aren't ready for complex tools, Line Graph Maker Pro is a five-star app.

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