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About LillyPad - Learn English

LILLYPAD is a fantastic website and app that has been designed to help people have a greater access to reading and so also improve people’s abilities in their reading as well as their enjoyment around it too. 

LillyPad - Learn English Review

What is LillyPad website and app?

LillyPad - English Learning App is a website and app that helps users to develop their abilities, access and enjoyment around reading as well as other aspects such as spelling, pronunciation and to widen their vocab. It also has the ability to track to monitor progress to personalise any further learning to make the most of the app.

The website and app is a ‘one-stop’ shop for all different types of reading, combining books, articles, blogs and also the ability to upload your own materials to read through the portal too. There really is so much to this website and app that it would be difficult to do it justice. Although a major part of the app is around reading there are other elements to it as well such as a spelling aspect that helps you to improve your abilities with spelling or a pronunciation element and even a vocab section too. The developers have created the site predominately to help English as an additional language learners however, there is a lot of scope within the app for it to be used to help all types of learner and to just encourage a love of reading too. Where many language apps/sites are based around the basics and beginnings of learning a language Lillypad is more focussed on the ‘next steps’ of language learning meaning it can be used by adults as well as younger users.

The program opens up with a main portal which has a number of different options available. This homepage is actually preloaded with content based on what the user selected in setup around their proficiency levels and also their areas of interest. This personalisation is fantastic and is a running theme in the background of the app/site, making sure that the content that is shown is entirely relevant to the individual. The main window displays a variety of books and then the left-hand side of the page displays the menu. The menu allows you to continue your current read, start learning (this is where spelling, vocab and pronunciation learning can be found) search for books to read, upload your own content as well as search for blogs or play games. By selecting continue with your current read you are taken to whatever it is you are currently reading. You are then able to practice your reading by reading back to Lilly. The website and app require access to your speaker and microphone but plays and records the reading. There are in total 4 different reading modes including read to and read with and each different way allowing giving the user a slightly different experience and also meaning that any type of learner can make the most out of the site.

Alongside the whole of the website and app there is a tracking module that follows and tracks everything that goes on in the app and what the user is doing. This allows for you to see how much access to the app someone has had, what different parts of the website/app they are using and how well they are also doing within the website/app too. This allows for there to be a greater ability of personalisation within the website to maximise the amount of learning that goes on.

What we love about Lillypad

There are a number of really excellent aspects within the website and app but the thing I like the best has to be the tracking ability within the app and the user interface. The interface is exceptionally clean, easy to use and looks very professional. The way the site transitions from one area to another is incredibly smooth and doesn’t detract from the learning in the app at all. The tracking tools are probably though the biggest highlight within the app from an educational perspective as it allows the user to see how well they are doing, to track the amount of time they spending in the app and to also personalise any future learning depending on how well they are currently using the app.

What skills does it improve?

The main area that LillyPad website and app improves is users’ access and the ability with reading. This is done through allowing the user to read a whole range of content from books to blogs but also allowing them to work on improving their pronunciation, spelling and widening their vocabulary.

What age is it website and appropriate for?

LillyPad website and app, I would suggest is aimed at everyone who has the ability to be able to read instructions from children through to adults.

Is LillyPad easy to use?

For the user, LillyPad English Learners Blog and app is incredibly easy to use and access.

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit from being able to access a website and app that will build their confidence when it comes to reading. There are lots of different ways in which they can access reading so hopefully their will be something for all different tastes.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will benefit from students working their way through the learning aspect of the app as well as being able to access reading in a guided and supported way. However, the most useful aspect for teachers is going to be the tracking elements of the app where they will able to get tabs on how well the students are learning and accessing the website and then personalise any future learning based on this. There is also another element of this personalisation that I think teachers will definitely benefit from. If a word is in red during reading or touched through right clicking and entering the translation or dictionary then this word becomes the user’s personal word that is then used to drive further developments and practice.

How will parents benefit?

There are many benefits for parents too some of which will be similar to teachers’ in the way that they can personalise any learning in the website and app, however for parents it could also be useful for them to use alongside their child when it comes to reading, taking an interest in what they are reading and maybe even reading with them too.

How much does LillyPad cost?

LillyPad works on a subscription basis. There are a number of options available to access the content from monthly to quarterly or half yearly. These prices range from $9.99 to around $36.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

There is a freemium version of the app that has limited functionality and is supported by ads.

Is LillyPad safe to use

LillyPad website and app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered in the website and appropriate or unsafe for children.

What LillyPad can improve on?

Having spent a lot of time on this website and app I think there are a couple of things that could really excel the website/app. One of these is the use of the voice that at times can be quite mechanical and jarring and can sometimes detract a little from the reading or learning that is going on in the app. However, there is the option to to change the voice, pitch and speed so this may help to make it sound better for different users. The other I think would be to extend the amount of books that are available for users to read. It does seem quite limited with some older titles and not as much range to cater for all tastes. Lilly’s library does have a selection books, Ted Talks, speeches etc available through it however when it comes to reading my view is always the more the better!

Overall rating of the website and app

LillyPad website and app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the website and app and the potential learning within it.

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