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About Lila's World:Draw Play Learn

Lila’s World app gives kids a virtual world in which to interact with characters, items, and scenes. Kids play with the app similarly to how they would use dolls or action figures; they create their own rules and story using their imaginations. An interesting addition to Lila’s World is the facility for kids to draw characters and items they can photograph and add to the app’s scenes.

Starting with a free download, Lila’s World has a seven-day free trial before becoming subscription-based if you want the full experience for your child. Lila’s World is suitable for kids aged 4 to 7 and is available on iOS and Android devices.

Lila's World:Draw Play Learn Review

What is Lila's World: Create Play Learn app?

Lila is the star of this open-world app, and she is visiting her grandmother's sprawling mansion full of mysteries and things to discover. Kids play the app however they choose. There are no rules, timers, or dangers to cause stress or demotivate young kids.

Lila's World has the subtitle 'Create Play Learn'.

• Create: The app lets kids create items and scenes on paper that they can have appear in the game by using their device's camera. Players use these with many built-in ones to design houses, scenes and develop characters.

• Learn: Kids learn with apps like Lila's world as they explore and create a narrative through their imagination. However, there are also scenes in the app that tell kids more about the world.

• Play: Lila's world is a stress-free and fun play experience. As players help Lila explore her grandmother's mystery manor house and the surrounding locations, they'll find loads of interactive elements that they can investigate, manipulate, and observe.

What we love about Lila's World app.

Apps that combine real-world activities with digital fun are rare which is surprising because the combination ticks several boxes. Kids like variety, and parents want kids not to spend all their time looking at a screen. Kids need to learn how to use physical writing implements and digital interfaces.

Lila's World's ability to use kids' drawings gives the app another dimension compared to other virtual world kids' apps. Should kids' friends also have the app, they'll love being able to see their creations put to use by them as players' creations are shareable.

What skills does it improve?

Lila's World does not directly address learning skills or knowledge but encourages children to play and develop as they do. The app will exercise kids' creativity and imagination as they play.

What age is it appropriate for?

Lila's World is suitable for all ages to use, but the developers of Lila's World have aimed the app at kids aged 6 to 8, according to its description. This seems a little high, and we'd suggest 4 to 7, although this obviously dependent on individuals.

Is Lila's World app easy to use?

Kids won't find it difficult to choose the scenes they want to visit or interact with the many items they find. Where kids need to understand the app's features, or it is providing some backstory, the app uses characterful speech to read out the on-screen text.

How will students benefit?

Lila's World encourages kids to explore freely and see what happens and what they can do, but it also provides some focus by offering optional tasks like finding specific items. This approach covers kids who like the freedom to do what they choose, those who want a 'mission', and those who vary from one to the other.

The use of 'recipes' to make food and tasks involving combining objects provide a little more purpose than kids might find in similar apps.

How will parents benefit?

Apps like Lila's World are popular choices on parents' phones, especially ones that have family sharing enabled, as this one does. As you can have the app active on up to six devices from the same subscription, your kids can have it on their tablet-sized device while you have it on your phone for providing mobile entertainment. 

Lila's World works better than many similar apps because it has a zoom mode that helps to overcome the limitation of a phone's relatively small screen. With so many items crammed into granny's house, many are pretty small, but with the zoom enabled, kids can still easily interact with them and observe the effects.

The real-world drawing aspect of the app will also give parents the chance to share the experience with their kids. Drawing together with actual pens and pencils will help kids with writing, hand-eye coordination and provide quality time when parents can chat with their kids. 

When pictures are captured perfectly, they look good in the app's scenes and have some simple animation added.

What can Lila's World app improve on?

Some other apps that give kids a virtual world to play in are unlocked through single in-app purchases.

Lila's World's developers appear to be continually growing the app and adding new content. Plus, the creative sharing aspect requires ongoing moderation. These help justify the ongoing costs, but you will have to decide what value they hold for you and your kids.

Capturing photos, or rather processing the photos, could use some more work. The app tries to isolate the relevant part of the image but isn't always successful. It can work well, but it can become a bit fiddly to get it to work when it doesn't, perhaps because the drawing is not 'solid' enough. A smoother fallback process would be an improvement.

The about section includes a lot of information about how the app works and what it offers to its users. It is fairly text-heavy, though, and not well-formatted. The text would be much easier to read if it was in paragraphs.

How much does Lila's World app cost?

Lila's world is free to download, and you can try out its full feature set for seven days.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Once the seven-day trial is over, the app becomes restricted to just a few scenes, and you can't create your own items, but you can unlock the full app with a subscription. Longer subscriptions offer a lower overall price.

Is Lila's World app safe to use?

You might be concerned about your child bringing in scenes and items created by other players into their game, but the developers promise that moderators check each submission for quality and suitability.

If kids want to add items from the real world, such as drawings made with pen and paper, they'll need to give the app permission to use the device's camera. As any added pictures can be uploaded to the app for potential sharing (after moderation), you and your kids should be sure that what they have photographed is okay to be used this way.

Whether you are playing the free trial version of Lila's World or have chosen a subscription, there are no advertisements or social media links to distract your kids.

Overall rating of the app.

Virtual world apps like Lila's World appeal to kids who like to pretend play, using their imaginations, and building up stories and characters in their minds. In that respect, Lila's world plays like a virtual playset full of figures and objects. Of course, not all kids enjoy playing this way, but you'll likely know whether your child does or doesn't.

Should what you have read in this review of Lila's World match what your child enjoys, you can be assured of its quality. Its presentation is excellent, and the app is growing continuously with new scenes and features promised for the future.

Is Lila's World or, indeed, any similar app educational? It has educational elements, although not directly linked to school lessons. For many kids, it will provide a great deal of imaginative play, which is valuable for kids' development, but it does not offer the same level of education as, say, a numeracy or reading app. Try Lila's Word out by utilising its free trial and see how your child enjoys it.

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