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Life360 Review

Life360 is a family tracking app providing a safety net to reassure everyone of their loved one's safety and give a safety net for everyone when they are out and about. The information family members can enable Life360 to transmit is customisable but includes past and present location details, device status, and driving behaviour. Life360 is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

You only need one subscription to the app per family circle, with all other members only needing to create a free account and download the free app. Life360 has a free tier with useful functionality and a premium subscription to unlock the full feature set. You can try the premium features with a free three-day trial.

US and Canadian subscribers can upgrade their subscriptions to include further protections like roadside assistance, ID protection and more.

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Life360 Features

  • Battery monitoring to ensure kids don't fall out of contact due to a dead phone
  • Live location tracking to find kids in an emergency
  • Historical tracking to find kids if, for some reason, their phone is not working
  • Location alerts so that you know a family member has left a defined zone or arrived at a place
  • Quick check-in where a single press shows that a family member has thought of you

Many other features, including those linked to driving, may be helpful to families as a whole but not specifically to kids.

Life360 users in the US and Canada have the option of extra features via the Life360 Gold and Platinum options. This review of Life360 was carried out in the UK and applies to the standard Life360 account available internationally.

How much does Life360 app cost?

Life360 has a simple account system, and only one subscription is needed for a family account. A family can technically include up to 99 members, but realistically you'd want to stay below ten.

The free option is surprisingly useful. You can use it for location sharing and keeping an eye on the battery level of your kids' devices. Other features from the premium account are present but limited in some ways. For example, the free account limits you to two location alerts which let you know when a family member arrives at a set place.

You can get a lot of mileage from the free version, and it is a risk-free way to try the app for longer than the free premium trial allows.

The premium version of Life360 has a seven-day free trial, letting you use all of the app's features. You will drop down to the free tier if you choose not to subscribe. The monthly subscription fee offers good value, and you can cancel it anytime.

We recommend you consider the yearly subscription. Apps like Life360 are long-term apps that you set up and keep running. Nobody knows when an emergency might occur, so pausing Life360's use isn't a sensible option. By going for the annual subscription, you can save almost half of the yearly fees you'd incur with the monthly subscription.

US and Canadian Life360 subscribers can upgrade to a gold or platinum account, which adds further features such as ID protection.

Is it good for learning?

Life360 is relevant to parents of school-aged kids but not for educational reasons. It could open up educational opportunities by reassuring families to allow kids extra freedom to attend study sessions with friends or extra-curricular clubs. 

Life360 gives kids who want extra independence a safety net by helping parents monitor their location and other information that can help them stay safe.

Screenshots for Life360

  • Life360: Find Family & FriendsLife360: Find Family & FriendsLife360: Find Family & FriendsLife360: Find Family & FriendsLife360: Find Family & Friends


  • Simple and intuitive set-up process
  • Customisable tracking options for different family members
  • At-a-glance display of family members' locations and statuses
  • Quick check-ins feature to communicate easily
  • Past journey tracking and battery monitoring features
  • Cross-platform compatibility for Android and iOS devices


  • Lack of parental advice on the app's website
  • Potential resistance from older kids to use the app
  • Confusing sign-up options for users outside of North America

Benefits for Parents

Life360 fits seamlessly into family life. Kids don't need to make any conscious effort to use it, and parents can easily perform a quick check. The built-in messages cover many of the most common reminders you might want to give kids, including a crucial reminder to charge their devices if you notice they are getting low.

Download Life360

You can download Life360 on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the Life360 app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Life360 app easy to use?

We found setting up Life360 to be easy. There is an easy-to-follow guide on the app's website, but it is a guided process that typical users won't struggle to follow.

As the subscribing account holder, you will be an administrator of a family circle and able to add and remove circle members. You can use any messaging app to invite family members to your circle from within the Life360 app. Those family members will receive a message and a code.

The invited family members must download the Life360 app, which is free, and then create an account. The code ensures that only those you have chosen can join your family circle. Be careful not to invite unintended contacts into your circle, but as an administrator, you can remove anybody who should not remain a circle member.

Is Life360 app safe to use?

Only those you choose to invite can join a Life360 family circle. This restriction is significant because the information that contributes to your family's safety and your peace of mind in Life360 is not something you want others to have. You have a role to play in ensuring the data is safe by keeping your account information secret and secure.

Bottom Line

Family relationships can come under strain when members fail to keep each other informed. Life360 provides a great feature set within an easy-to-use package for you and your family to put to work in a way that suits your lives. As well as providing reassurance and increased safety, we can imagine Life360 leading to better family harmony.

The free tier and premium trial are quick to set up and give a great insight into using the app, so we recommend you click the link to try it with your family. Life360 is a five-star app.

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